Announcement of Dongguan Municipal Administration of Market Supervision on Information on Food Supervision and Sampling Inspection (No. 6 of 2021)
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   Recently, the Dongguan Municipal Market Supervision Administration organized sampling inspections of 20 batches of edible agricultural products in the circulation link, and 20 batches of qualified samples for sampling inspection items, with a pass rate of 100%. See the attachment for testing items.
  Food safety consumption reminder:Consumers should buy the food they need through formal and reliable channels and keep the corresponding shopping voucher. They must read the relevant signs on the outer packaging, such as production date, shelf life, producer name and address, ingredients or ingredients Whether the table, food production license number and other signs are complete; do not buy products without the factory name, factory address, production date and shelf life, and do not buy products beyond the shelf life.
   Consumers are welcome to actively participate in food safety supervision work and pay attention to the announcement of food sampling inspection information. If you find food that is harmful to the public and illegal activities, please call 12345 for reporting and complaints.
   hereby announce.
  Dongguan Market Supervision Administration
   February 10, 2021