Announcement of Anqing City Market Supervision Administration on Announcement of the 8th Food Safety Supervision and Sampling Inspection Information
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   Anqing City Market Supervision and Administration Bureau organized and carried out food supervision and random inspection. In order to ensure the consumer’s right to know about consumption, the random inspection information is now announced as follows:

   There are 96 batches of samples in 4 categories, including 31 batches of edible oil, fat and their products, 31 batches of qualified; 14 batches of dairy products , 14 batches of qualified; 23 batches of beverages, 23 batches of qualified; 28 batches of roasted food and nut products, 27 batches of qualified and 1 batch of unqualified.

  1. Specific information of unqualified samples

  Anqing Daguan Wangguiqing Food Roasted Sunflower Seeds (production date/batch 2020-11-30), peroxide value (calculated as fat) detected Value exceeds the requirements of national food safety standards. The inspection agency is Anhui Guotai Zhongxin Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

   2. Verification and disposal

   Regarding the unqualified food found in the random inspection, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau has instructed the market supervision department in the place where the production and operation enterprise is located to immediately organize and carry out verification and disposal, to find out the flow of products, and adopt Measures such as removing unqualified products from the shelves to control risks; and strictly deal with violations of laws and regulations in accordance with the law.

  The market supervision department reminds consumers that when buying food, they must go through formal and reliable channels and keep the corresponding shopping vouchers. They must read the relevant signs on the outer packaging, such as production Date, shelf life, manufacturer’s name and address, ingredient or ingredient list, etc.; check whether the vacuum packaging is leaking, swelling, and whether it has deteriorated; do not buy products without the name of the manufacturer, factory address, production date and shelf life, and do not buy products that exceed the shelf life product. Any purchase of unqualified products should stop eating and contact the manufacturer or distributor in time. If you find the above substandard products in the market, please call the 12315 hotline to complain or report.

  Anqing City Market Supervision Administration

   February 23, 2021