Announcement of Anhui Provincial Market Supervision Administration on Food Safety Risk Control
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  The national food safety supervision and random inspection organized and implemented by the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration involved food production and operation enterprises in our province. The announcement of the risk control of unqualified food is as follows:

  1. Risk control situation of black sesame, walnut and mulberry mixed powder
   (1) Basic situation of random inspection
  Sample name:black sesame, walnut and mulberry mixed powder, sample number:GC20000000263330904, name of the sampled unit:Bozhou Tilan Trading Co., Ltd., production date:November 8, 2020, specification:600g/can, early Unqualified items:mold.
   (2) Risk control situation
   On January 19, 2021, the Bozhou High-tech Zone Market Supervision and Administration Bureau delivered the inspection report issued by the Heilongjiang Institute of Green Food Science (№:2020GC2226) to Bozhou Tilan Trading Co., Ltd., and conducted on-site inspection and Ask the survey. After investigation, Bozhou Tilan Trading Co., Ltd. processed and produced this batch of black sesame, walnut and mulberry mixed powder (the fake nominal manufacturer name is Shandong Zuimei Food Co., Ltd.) 160 cans (96 kg), all of which have been sold out. in stock. On January 19, 2021, Bozhou Tilan Trading Co., Ltd. launched a product recall.
   If consumers find food safety violations, they can call the 12315 hotline of the market supervision department to complain and report.
   hereby announces.
   February 25, 2021