Anhui Jixi County Market Supervision Bureau found a suspected purchase of imported cold-chain food but failed to report it in advance
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   In order to comprehensively strengthen the supervision of cold chain foods, especially imported cold chain foods, and resolutely block the risk of the spread of the epidemic through cold chain foods, the Market Supervision Bureau of Jixi County, Anhui continues to increase The investigation and handling of cold chain food cases has effectively guaranteed the health and safety of the broad masses of people. A few days ago, the Jixi County Market Supervision Bureau investigated a case of not reporting the purchase of imported cold chain food in advance.

   On the morning of February 1, law enforcement officers of the Jixi County Market Supervision Bureau found in the freezer of a cold chain food business during the routine inspection of imported cold chain food A batch of yellow croaker (Du’s called Guyu) had its outer packaging marked as India as its origin. Upon inquiry, it was found that the above imported cold chain food had not been reported in accordance with the relevant regulations of Jixi County for epidemic prevention and control. The law enforcement officers checked the”four certificates and one code” on the spot, removed the food involved, sealed it, and notified the health department to perform nucleic acid tests on the batch of food and employees, and the test results were all negative.

   After investigation, the business household purchased 4 boxes of imported Indian yellow croaker from Huizhou District, Huangshan City on December 18, 2020, totaling 40 kg. The Announcement of Jixi County on Strengthening the Prevention and Control of Imported Cold-chain Food Epidemics (No. 24) requires that:within 24 hours before the purchased imported cold-chain food arrives at the county area, report to the county market supervision department. The Jixi County Market Supervision Bureau immediately transferred the case to the public security organs for handling.

   Next, the Jixi County Market Supervision Bureau will continue to increase inspections and publicity, continue to promote the application of the”Anhui Cold Chain Food Traceability Platform”, and educate operators to implement the main body Responsibilities, according to the requirements, do a good job in the procurement and operation of imported cold chain food, and maximize the protection of people’s lives, health and safety.