Almaty region will build the largest meat and poultry production plant in the CIS region
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Interfax news agency Almaty, February 22, according to AitasKZ Group Co., Ltd., the company signed a memorandum with the Almaty state government on the same day, planning to start construction of the largest breeding poultry in the CIS region in Ili District, Almaty Breeding farm and meat and poultry production plant, the project investment is 160 billion tenge (about 380 million US dollars). The first phase of the project plans to build a breeding poultry breeding farm, with an investment of about 43 billion tenge and an annual production of 160 million hatching eggs. It is planned to be completed in October 2021. The second phase will start the construction of a meat and poultry production plant with an investment of 117 billion tenge and an annual output of 120,000 tons of poultry meat. It is planned to reach the designed capacity in December 2027. The project will create approximately 4,700 new jobs.

  АitasKZ Group is a leading enterprise in the poultry meat production industry in Kazakhstan, with a market share of 30%. Its subsidiaries include Ust-Kamenogorsk Poultry Processing Joint Stock Company, Aitas Meat Co., Ltd., and Aitas Meat Distribution Co., Ltd. , Uba River Protection Co., Ltd., Markinsk Poultry Processing Co., Ltd., Markinsk Compound Feed Factory, Aitas Energy Co., Ltd.,”Living Land” Ecological Fund,”Golden Prairie” construction company, etc.