alert! These two fish may be highly toxic in spring
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  All things recover in spring, the temperature warms up, the humidity rises, and various bacteria proliferate in large numbers. It is also a season for the high incidence of food poisoning. To prevent food poisoning, at the same time To provide a reference for consumers’ daily diet, Zhongshan Market Supervision Bureau issued a warning on food safety consumption in the catering sector in spring.

  Beware of poisoning caused by eating puffer fish

   puffer fish, also called”bubble fish” by many people. Puffer fish contains tetrodotoxin, which is a highly toxic fish. After being poisoned, early symptoms such as slight numbness of the mouth, lips, tongue, and fingers appear, followed by vomiting, difficulty walking, speech difficulties, and then rapid drop in blood pressure and breathing difficulties. , Until the consciousness disappears, breathing and heartbeat stop and death. There is currently no specific antidote and treatment.

   In order to avoid poisoning by eating puffer fish, a special reminder:

   First, pay attention to improving self-protection and prevention awareness, raise awareness of puffer fish and their toxicity, eliminate the bad eating habits of”eating puffer fish”, and eliminate”eating puffer fish””The fluke mentality is not to buy, catch and eat wild puffer fish, and not to buy or eat whole puffer fish processed by enterprises that have not been approved by the state.”

   Second, pay attention to strictly enforce national laws and related regulations. All types of catering units must take a highly responsible attitude to the life and health of the public, and consciously do not buy or fish , Does not process puffer fish.

   The third is to learn and master the basic emergency rescue measures. If someone is found to eat puffer fish by mistake, they should be sent to the hospital for vomiting, gastric lavage and guidance as soon as possible. Ejaculation, when waiting to be sent to the doctor, you can use your fingers and chopsticks to stimulate the throat wall to induce vomiting, and expel toxins from the body as soon as possible.

   vigilant against ciguatoxin poisoning

  Coral fish (sea fish)

  Beware of ciguatoxin poisoning when eating marine fish. Ciguatoxin is very toxic, mainly found in the internal organs and muscles of coral fish, especially the high content of internal organs, and the larger the fish, the more toxins it contains. 11 species such as Sumei, Eastern Star Spot, Western Star Spot, Rat Spot, Bleu Spot, Cedar Spot, Sesame Spot, Tiger Spot, Dragon Root, Red Spot, Red Cao, etc. are all fish species that are susceptible to ciguatoxin infection. Ciguatoxin poisoning incident.

The most notable feature of ciguatoxin poisoning is that the”feel of dry ice” and the sense of heat are reversed. That is, when you touch something hot, you will feel cold, and put your hands in the water. Feeling of electric shock or touching dry ice, and symptoms of digestive system, cardiovascular system, and nervous system.

   Edible marine fish, especially coral fish, special reminder:

   First, try to avoid buying and eating coral fish from March to April (the breeding period).

   The second is to avoid eating coral reef fish weighing more than 1.5kg, and do not eat fish innards, fish heads, skins, especially ovaries.

   The third is to pay attention to people who have been ciguatoxin poisoning should avoid eating sea fish again within 3-6 months.

  Special tips

   Consumers should pay attention to the signs of food poisoning after eating high-risk foods. Once they have nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever, etc., they should immediately stop eating suspicious foods , Seek medical attention as soon as possible, and keep suspicious food; if you find any illegal food handling behavior, please call the”12345″ or”12315″ hotline in time to report.