Albaugh’s innovative fungicide MiCrop (azoxystrobin + propiconazole) based on F Value™ technology will be launched in the United States this spring
By: Date: 2021-02-16 Categories: Internationalfood Tags: , Chinese website reported:Albaugh is based on F Value Technical MiCrop will be available in the United States this spring , Used in corn, soybeans, grains and rice. MiCrop is an optimized formulation containing azoxystrobin and propiconazole, with higher performance and value.

   The F Value technology used in MiCrop fungicides helps the transmission of micronized active ingredients, which can improve absorption efficiency, achieve disease target prevention and control, and make plants healthier, thereby maximizing the return on investment of fungicides. Chad W. Shelton, Albaugh’s Global Director of Innovation Technology, said:“In the past two years, Albaugh has initiated a “seeing is believing” campaign for MiCrop fungicides, and our channel partners will conduct large-scale field applications of MiCrop fungicides. Experimentation. Let our customers and growers served by distributors witness the effect and influence of MiCrop fungicide. This is a very good promotion process.”
   The market performance of MiCrop fungicide proves its performance and value. In the past two years, agrochemical retailers and the growers they serve have conducted more than 89 large-scale field trials on MiCrop fungicide. The test results showed that, compared with conventional fungicides, MiCrop increased the yield per acre of grain by 5.9 bushels; compared with the same fungicide and the uncontrolled control group, the yield per acre of corn increased by 7.9 bushels; compared with similar fungicides or not Compared with the control group, the soybean yield per acre increased by 4.3 bushels.
   Albaug North American Commercial Director Mark Helt explained:“Our F Value technology platform focuses on improving the performance and value of world-class active ingredients. MiCrop fungicide is a perfect example. The F Value technology is Albaugh’s innovation platform through which Platform, we can focus our strategy on discovering global technologies that can be used for formulation development, so as to jointly improve the performance of a single biocide active ingredient.”
  Albaugh U.S. Sales Director Andy Bogue added:”MiCrop fungicides represent a unique technology that enhances the performance and value of two proven, but long-established active ingredients. Our Channel partners can provide this technology to their customer base. Propiconazole and azoxystrobin have a history of 40 and 25 years, respectively. MiCrop fungicides have achieved real innovation, and the effective ingredients of these two fungicides have been rejuvenated New life.”
   Based on F Value Technology of MiCrop The fungicide is innovative, with reliable performance and higher Return on investment in fungicides. The product will be available this spring and can be purchased at Albaugh’s distribution partners and agrochemical retailers.