After 9 consecutive weeks of gains, the”Bull Devil” is coming? What reason? Will it continue to rise? What the experts say…
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  Beef, as a high-quality animal protein, has continued to increase in consumption in recent years, and its price has also attracted widespread attention.
   New Year is approaching, what is the price of beef on the market? How do businesses and consumers feel?
  Spring Festival is approaching, beef consumption is booming
   In the meat sales area of ​​a fresh supermarket in Beijing, the reporter saw that it was filled with beef tenderloin, brisket and other meat products.
  Beijing consumers:It has increased by one-third, and the price is slightly more expensive if you want to eat better.
   Hong Guifu, a salesperson in a supermarket in Beijing:New Year’s beef tendon, beef brisket, and beef ribs sell well. Winter is the peak season for beef consumption, and coupled with the New Year, sales have increased by about 15%.
  Sales staff told reporters that beef price increases are on the one hand affected by seasonal factors, on the other hand, my country’s meat consumption structure has changed in recent years, and beef consumption has increased significantly. The proportion of beef in red meat consumption has increased from 2015 From 9.7%in the year to 14.8%in 2020.
   Affected by the epidemic, in 2020, many countries will suspend the export of live cattle, and the growth rate of my country’s imported beef will also be greatly reduced. Under the circumstances of high demand and low supply, beef prices will become inevitable.
   Gao Guan, Vice President of China Meat Association:From 2011 to 2019, beef consumption increased from 6.11 million tons to 8.33 million tons, an annual increase of more than 4%, but the annual increase in production was only a little bit. One, so it is not enough.
  Zhu Cong, Chief Analyst of the Early Warning Team for Agricultural Products Market Analysis of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs:Beef prices have risen for nine consecutive weeks, reaching more than 88 yuan per kilogram, which is about 7%higher than the same period last year.
  Tightening supply and increasing costs affect the growth rate of beef cattle production capacity
  The price of beef has been rising continuously. How about the price of beef cattle on the beef production side? What are the benefits of farmers?
   At the moment, it is the peak season for beef cattle slaughter. At a beef cattle breeding base in Zhumadian, Henan, more than 1,000 beef cattle are fat and strong, weighing up to 700 kg. They will be sold before the Spring Festival. It is expected that the total number of slaughters will reach 15,000 before the Spring Festival. .
   Xiao Guohua, general manager of a beef cattle breeding base in Henan Province, said that if 700 kilograms are sold, a cow will sell for 23,000-23,500 yuan last year, and 700 kilograms will sell for 24,500-25,000 yuan this year. From the point of view of Niuchang’s single head profit, last year’s profit income was about 2000-2500 yuan, this year it was 2500-3000 yuan, or even 3000 yuan.
   Xiao Guohua told reporters that the improved efficiency of beef cattle breeding has increased the enthusiasm of farmers to replenish the stalls. Like 6 to 18-month-old bred cattle, that is, shelf cattle, it has become a hot commodity, even if the price rises again. Good to buy.
   Zhang Qingfa, the director of a beef cattle farm in Biyang County, Henan Province, said that the price of pregnant cows has increased this year. It used to be 12,000 yuan for a pregnant cow, but now it is a little more than 20,000 yuan.
  Zhang Qingfa said that the large increase in cow prices was mainly due to the low income in the previous years and the need for more capital and technology. Now small and medium-sized farmers do not have such conditions, so the reduction of basic cows has caused the current beef cattle market. The reduction in supply. At the same time, the cost of raising cattle, including labor, infrastructure, epidemic prevention, and hydropower, has increased rapidly, especially the sharp increase in the price of raw materials such as feed, which are all factors that affect the rapid increase in beef cattle production capacity.
   Xiao Guohua, general manager of a beef cattle breeding base in Henan Province:The price of corn is now more than 3,000 yuan per ton, but it was 1980-2020 yuan in the same period last year. Other raw materials such as soybean meal, including coarse feed raw materials, have risen to varying degrees .
  Industry experts said that the development of large-scale beef cattle breeding, a new round of beef cattle genetic improvement program, and expansion of forage planting can solve the domestic beef supply problem. However, the current beef cattle production capacity is still in a period of oscillating recovery and output growth Relatively slow, beef prices will gradually stabilize in the future.