Act quickly! Putian City Market Supervision Bureau held a meeting to rectify the chaos of”high-priced rock tea”
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   Recently, the media exposed the chaos of”high price rock tea” in certain areas of Fujian Province, which caused widespread concern in the society. For this reason, the Fujian Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, Fujian Agriculture The Rural Department jointly issued the”Notice on Rectifying the Chaos of Sky-Priced Rock Tea”, requiring local cities to regulate the price order of the tea market, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and promote the healthy development of the tea market and price stability. Putian Market SupervisionThe bureau held a conference on rectifying the chaos of”high-priced rock tea” on February 24. The main rock tea distributors, counties (districts, Leaders in charge of the Market Supervision Bureau (Sub-bureau) and relevant departments of the Municipal Bureau attended the meeting.

At the    meeting, Chen Zhiren, Chief of the Price Supervision Section, first announced the”Fujian Provincial Market Supervision Administration and Fujian Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on the rectification of high-priced rock tea chaos notice 》, the market supervision bureaus (sub-bureaus) of all counties (districts and management committees) are required to quickly investigate and verify, and focus time and strength on the production and operation of rock tea production and operation entities whose sales prices are inflated. Trading or selling high-priced”not for sale”,”appreciating products” and other behaviors; second, it is necessary to organize the investigation and punishment of false identification, adulteration, fake and inferior goods, substandard products, false publicity, false advertising, and unknown codes in accordance with laws and regulations Pricing, price collusion, and other illegal activities; the third is to strengthen industry supervision, and all industry authorities must jointly establish a complete rock tea planting, processing, and sales process, and the entire chain of supervision system; fourth, to strengthen publicity and guidance, and increase rock tea culture Promote positively, mobilize public supervision, and create a social atmosphere conducive to the healthy and orderly development of the rock tea industry.

   issued a”Reminder and Warning Letter for Regulating Price Behavior of Tea Operators” to the major rock tea distributors in Putian City participating in the meeting, requiring rock tea operators to strictly abide by it Relevant laws and regulations shall operate in accordance with the law and be honest and trustworthy. Strictly implement clearly marked prices and standard prices. Make sure that the price tag is complete, the content of the price is true and clear, the handwriting is clear, the label is aligned, the label is conspicuous, and the price should be adjusted in time when the price changes. It is not allowed to increase the price in addition to the marked price, and charge any unmarked fees; strictly implement the price policy and strengthen price self-discipline. Do not collude or collude with each other to increase prices; do not fabricate or spread information about price increases to drive up prices; do not mix with fake, shoddy, short-selling, and raise prices in a disguised form; resolutely abandon excessive packaging, vulgar names, gimmicks, etc. Behavior, do not participate in the”high price tea” marketing, achieve symmetry of product information, value equivalence, and jointly maintain a good market order.

   City Market Supervision Bureau’s party group member and deputy director Chen Deming made a concluding speech, and put forward ten-point work requirements:1. Awareness must be improved; 2. Action must be rapid; 3. The bottom line must be clear; four, the strike must be precise; five, the industry must be self-disciplined; six, the typical must be exposed; seven, the publicity must be strengthened; eight, the responsibility must be implemented; nine, the information must be exchanged; ten, the mechanism must be established.

   Finally, Xu Qiyang, a member of the Party Group of the Municipal Bureau and the leader of the Disciplinary Inspection Team in the Bureau, emphasized three points on the work of rectifying the chaos of”high-priced rock tea”:< /div>

   First, we must improve our political position and earnestly strengthen our ideological and action consciousness.

   requires party members and leading cadres to earnestly implement the intern General Secretary Jinping’s proposal of “resolutely rectify the use of valuable and special products and special resources for personal gain. Highlight problems and overcome common and common stubborn diseases.” We must politically look at the luxury and corruption risks behind the sky-high rock tea chaos, consciously and autonomously promote our supervision, take the lead, be in awe, and guard the bottom line. Consciously resist extravagance.

  Second, we must base ourselves on the position of responsibility, and implement the responsibility of the supervisory body strictly and honestly.

   First, pay close attention to the supervision and performance of each link of tea production, processing and sales, especially the key inspections of tea merchants and tea enterprises exposed by the media . The second is to fully perform the”1+x” responsibilities, keep a close eye on the important nodes of the”Four Winds” corrections such as the New Year’s Day and Chinese New Year, May Day, Mid-Autumn National Day, and important timings for the listing of new tea, and cooperate with the Commission for Discipline Inspection, auditing, finance, taxation and other departments to carry out special supervision. Investigate, promptly transfer the illegal public funds to purchase expensive specialty products such as rock tea at a high price, and clues to special resources. The third is to strengthen internal self-examination and self-correction. The Party Committee and the Disciplinary Committee of the Agency shall conduct self-examination on the illegal collection and delivery of public funds, illegal occupation, illegal intervention or participation in the operation of”expensive tea”, and establish a special account for the clues received, and promptly report to the bureau’s party group and dispatch to discipline inspection. The supervision team notified and tracked the disposal situation in time.

   Third, we must strengthen publicity and guidance and establish a long-term mechanism for regular governance.

   Strengthen industry self-discipline for tea enterprises and tea merchants. We must do a good job of”two articles”, and we must do a good job of”sparse” articles and promote industry associations to pass Formulate and improve self-discipline regulations, issue open letters, proposals and other forms to guide tea enterprises and tea merchants to be honest and trustworthy, clearly mark prices, and operate in accordance with the law; to commend honestly operating tea enterprises and tea merchants. We must also do a good job of”governance” articles, resolutely investigate and deal with problems such as disorder, excessive speculation, and price manipulation to ensure that tea prices operate within a reasonable range. What is more important for our unit is to do a good job of”construction” articles. Through this centralized rectification, combined with the current”re-learning, re-investigation, and re-implementation” activities, further in-depth study and investigation are conducted, and loopholes in daily supervision are discovered. Promoting the reform of the case forced the refinement, improvement, and standardization of related system requirements to truly promote the long-term effect of regular governance.