A toast to wish the new year”drink” with confidence
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  The Spring Festival period is the period when consumption demand for alcoholic and other seasonal foods is strong. In order to effectively strengthen the quality and safety supervision of alcoholic products, strengthen the awareness of food safety responsibility of alcohol producers and operators, and severely crack down on illegal activities in the production and operation of alcohol, To strictly prevent food safety accidents, in accordance with the unified deployment of the provincial bureau, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau quickly organized and carried out special rectification work for alcohol.
  1. Highlight key points and pay close attention to work implementation
  Taking this special project as an opportunity, the quality improvement of the wine production industry will be the focus of food production supervision in 2021, and a good start in food production supervision. Under the leadership of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau’s branch management bureau, the business departments and review agencies form a supervision team to supervise and inspect the production links of each district’s”every 9th wine inspection” work, supervise enterprises to implement the main responsibility for food safety, eliminate hidden risks, and seek special projects The action is effective.
  Second, strengthen inspection and promote quality improvement
  The city’s market supervision department conducts a comprehensive inspection of alcohol producers in accordance with work requirements. Check the raw materials. That is, whether the purchased raw and auxiliary materials comply with relevant laws, regulations and standards. Second check the craft. Whether the small liquor workshop uses grains and cereals as raw materials and uses the solid-state liquor production process to produce liquor according to the regulations, and whether there is the use of raw liquor or edible alcohol blending techniques to produce and process liquor. Three check the production environment and behavior. Whether to maintain the license conditions, whether there is illegal use of food additives, whether there is illegal use of methanol, industrial alcohol and other non-food raw materials to process alcohol, etc. The fourth is to”look back.” Look at whether the problems existing in the system inspection of the city’s alcohol production enterprises in 2019 will be revived. Production units with minor problems found during the inspection are ordered to make corrections within a time limit; production units with serious problems, poor environment, and backward technology are urged to stop production and operation activities, formulate and implement upgrade plans as soon as possible, and improve the quality of alcohol production Safety level. Up to now, a total of 15 liquor production units have been inspected, 8 rectifications have been ordered, production stopped 3, and 2 small workshops and 3 production enterprises have been urged and guided to start upgrading.
  3. Widely publicize and strengthen the sense of responsibility
   Since the launch of the special rectification, the city’s market supervision departments have made full use of media such as newspapers, radio, television and the Internet, and food safety publicity week activities to carry out education, training and publicity activities in an easy-to-understand, lively and lively manner, and increase Publicize and educate alcohol producers and consumers on food safety laws and regulations, urge food producers and operators to abide by the law and operate in good faith, and guide consumers to purchase qualified alcohol products through legal channels. By posting complaints and reporting hotlines such as 12345 in key places and areas of alcohol production and operation, and issuing alcohol consumption reminders, the general public is encouraged to report violations of laws and regulations and raise food safety awareness. The China Market Supervision News reported on January 18, 2021 the special inspection work carried out by the Bureau of alcohol.
   The “Wine Inspection on Every Nine” action kicked off the food production supervision work in 2021. In the next step, our bureau will continue to focus on special rectification work, and conduct “return checks” on the problems found in the inspections and severely investigate and deal with perfunctory issues. Conduct rectification, superficial rectification, and pretend rectification, resolutely ban producers and operators who fail to implement rectification or fail to meet the standards after rectification, strengthen the legal concept, sense of responsibility and self-discipline of alcohol producers and operators, and ensure that the citizens of Zhuhai are at ease”toast to the New Year”.