A market sells 8,000! Sell ​​300 million yuan a year! The one on your table is too hot
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   Ningxia Yanchitan sheep is a Chinese geographical indication product, and it is also a favorite delicacy on the New Year’s table. What is the mutton market in Yanchi before the Spring Festival? The reporter visited the place of production.
   February 7, is the last trading day of the live sheep trading market in Yanchi County, Ningxia before the Spring Festival. The Farm and Livestock Market in Dashuikeng Town, Yanchi County is the largest live sheep trading market in the area. It opens every Sunday and attracts merchants from all over the country to trade.
   Qiang Fenlin, person in charge of the agricultural and livestock trading market in Dashuikeng Town, Yanchi County, Wuzhong City, Ningxia:This year’s sales are the best year, and the local mutton is also relatively tight. A set of sales can reach about 8,000.
   Yanchi lamb is not only loved by northerners, but also accepted by more and more southerners.
   Mutton Vendor Ma Jinjun:I am a wholesaler. I sell more than 100 pieces a day and sell them to Nanjing, Jiangxi, Jiangsu and Heilongjiang.
  In the market, some farmers also come to select lambs to prepare for production in the coming year.
  In the prosperous market, local citizens in Yanchi County are also preparing new year goods, and an uncle directly bought a whole sheep.
   A portion of”hand-caught lamb”, a bowl of stewed lamb, and a plate of lamb dumplings are all essential delicacies for the locals in Ningxia during the New Year and festive seasons. In 2020, total sales of Yanchi mutton exceeded 300 million yuan, of which online sales reached 75 million yuan.