800 tons of daily disposal! The imported cold chain food on the New Year’s Eve dinner table is safely released from here
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   is approaching the Spring Festival, and many citizens are busy preparing new year goods and planning for the delicious food during the Spring Festival holiday. At this time in previous years, seafood and meat from all over the world were highly popular high-quality new year products, but due to the epidemic, many citizens were cautious when choosing imported cold chain foods this year. Before the holiday, I interviewed the staff of the special class of cold chain food epidemic prevention and control in Jinan City, and asked them to introduce the situation of our city’s special warehouse supervision of imported cold chain food, so that the public can understand consumption, consume with confidence, and spend the Spring Festival with peace of mind .

  Double warehouse centralized supervision, daily disposal 800 tons< /strong>

  ”Special Warehouse for Imported Cold Chain Food Supervision” is a special warehouse for centralized supervision of qualified imported cold chain food. Currently, there are two such warehouses in Jinan.

   On December 1, 2020, Jinan took the lead in establishing a special warehouse for the supervision of imported cold chain food in Jinan City, and carried out centralized elimination of imported cold chain food. Nucleic acid testing has achieved”complete inspection and control”. The cold storage area is 2200 square meters, the killing platform area is about 1200 square meters, there are 3 killing lines, and the daily disposal capacity is about 300 tons.

   On January 18, 2021, according to needs, the second warehouse in our city was built and put into use in Licheng District. The warehouse area is 1136 square meters, the killing platform area is about 1200 square meters, there are 5 killing lines, and the daily disposal capacity is about 500 tons (20 containers).

  ”Two supervised warehouses in Jinan, the total daily disposal of imported cold chain food reached 800 tons. After the supervised warehouses were completed and put into use, they continued to optimize the storage area and consumption. The number of detection lines has been increased. At present, the machine can kill 1,000 pieces per hour, and the efficiency of cargo handling has been further improved. This not only effectively reduces the cost of the enterprise, but also fully guarantees the market supply during the holiday season.” Municipal Cold Chain Food Epidemic Prevention and Control Said the staff of the work class.

   Based on the principle of “all-in-one”, our city strictly implements warehousing supervision on all cold-chain foods that meet the warehousing conditions to ensure “cabinet inspection, Elimination of pieces and full traceability”, resolutely put an end to illegal activities such as”offline operation”,”out-of-cabin circulation” and”underground operation” of imported cold chain food. According to statistics, as of February 7, 2021, there were 1032 units engaged in importing cold chain food in the city, 45 were closed for rectification, and 6 cases of administrative punishment were imposed.

  Multi-point sampling detection, 6-sided mechanical killing

  Take the centralized supervision warehouse for imported cold chain food in Licheng District as an example. The warehouse supervision team is composed of market supervision, health, transportation, and neighborhood offices in the jurisdiction, etc. The staff of the department is responsible for the work records of each link such as special warehouse appointment filing, warehousing, sterilization, testing, and medical waste disposal.

  ” After entering the warehouse, first sample and test, according to the top, middle, bottom, left, middle, right, front, center, and back, sample the cargo in the transport vehicle box and conduct nucleic acid testing In order to ensure the effect of sterilization, the goods need to be sterilized on six sides. After the sterilization, they should be allowed to stand for 30 minutes before entering the temporary storage warehouse. At the same time, the staff will issue a sterilization certificate and a nucleic acid test certificate for the goods. These two certificates are logged in the Shandong cold chain system and the warehouse is issued. The goods can be shipped out.” said the staff of the special warehouse for imported cold chain food supervision in Licheng District.

   It is understood that the goods in the warehouse need to make an appointment for filing 24 hours in advance. After the goods arrive in the warehouse, the sterilization and testing will be completed on the same day, and the nucleic acid will be issued the next day If there is no abnormal situation, the inspection report can be released from the warehouse and continue to enter the links of circulation, storage, deep processing, and catering. Once the nucleic acid test of imported cold chain food in the special warehouse is positive, the emergency plan will be activated immediately, the special warehouse will be closed, the staff in the warehouse will be evacuated and centralized isolation, at the same time, centralized management and control of the goods in the warehouse and medical waste generated from sterilization .

   Merchants”bright code sales”, citizens buy through regular channels

  ”Before the goods enter the sales link, there is an important step. Business operators need to submit the”Incoming Goods Inspection and Quarantine Certificate”,”Cargo List”,”Imported Cold”Certificate of release of special warehouse for centralized supervision of chain food” Enter Shandong cold chain system, issue electronic sales voucher, generate QR code, and implement”bright code sales” in sales places.” Introduction to the staff of the city’s cold chain food epidemic prevention and control work Said,”By scanning the QR code of each batch of goods, citizens can accurately trace the relevant inspection certificates and complete circulation information of the goods.”

   once again reminds the general public that they must purchase imported cold chain foods from formal channels, and it is not recommended to purchase goods from unknown sources online. Don’t smell”cold” discoloration, be sure to consume scientifically.”According to regulations, imported cold chain foods should be stored in separate areas when selling, and sold in special areas, counters, and dedicated personnel. Consumers should pay attention to identifying the’three specials’ when buying. In addition, when buying, processing, and cooking imported cold chain foods, they should wear masks and Disposable gloves; during contact, avoid touching the mouth, nose, eyes, etc.; ingredients should be cooked and thoroughly cooked before eating.”