2021 Spring Festival Golden Week National Retail and Catering Enterprise Sales Increase 28.7%
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  The Chinese New Year Golden Week of the Year of the Ox, the national catering consumer market is booming. During the Spring Festival this year, on the basis of preventing and controlling the epidemic, the majority of catering companies will “not close” and serve “continuous files” during the Spring Festival to provide consumers, especially local residents, with safe, high-quality and diverse catering services. According to the monitoring of the Ministry of Commerce, from New Year’s Eve to the sixth day of the first month (February 11-17), the national key retail and catering companies achieved sales of approximately 821 billion yuan, an increase of 28.7%over last year’s Spring Festival Golden Week.

   1. It’s hard to find a restaurant in the business district, and the business is booming

   Under the new situation of epidemic prevention and control, the 2021 Spring Festival Golden Week advocates”in-situ Chinese New Year”, which makes the Spring Festival consumer market in this year’s business district extremely hot. Many restaurants in shopping malls and commercial complexes are hard to find and business is booming. The turnover of key monitoring catering companies in Shanghai, Anhui, Qinghai, Shaanxi and other places increased by 79.0%, 40.5%, 21.0%and 18.1%respectively. Business districts such as Beijing Xidan and Beijing Financial Street”queue up and wait for a big meal” have become the norm during the Spring Festival this year.”Coucuo”,”Fish Xiaoshi”,”Steak House”,”Frog Laida”,”Helu Sushi”, and”Fat Brothers” restaurants are lined up in front of each restaurant, and they are very popular. The person in charge of”Jinyue” located in Beijing Financial Street Shopping Center said that there was no bright spot for the dine-in meal for the New Year’s Eve this year, but from the first to the sixth day of the year, the customers who came to the store exceeded expectations, and sales increased by about 15%year-on-year. .

  Second, New Year’s Eve dinner set, semi-finished New Year’s Eve dinner, takeaway sales are hot

   Moving the New Year’s Eve dinner from the lobby to online has become a new trend for catering businesses during the Spring Festival this year. During the Spring Festival this year, online food and beverage consumption on some food delivery platforms more than doubled. On New Year’s Eve, some platforms’ takeaway orders increased by 70%year-on-year, with Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Chongqing ranking the top five. The number of online New Year’s Eve dinner set sales in Qingdao increased nearly three times year-on-year. Some time-honored catering companies have also accelerated their online cloud launches. Some restaurants in Beijing have more than doubled their takeaway sales, accounting for more than 50%of their revenue. In addition to the family reunion multi-person New Year’s Eve dinner takeaway package in the past, this year, under the background of”New Year’s Eve in situ”, many young people working outside may usher in the situation of eating New Year’s Eve dinner alone for the first time. In response to demand, catering companies have launched small sets of New Year’s Eve dinners and semi-finished sets, including well-known chain brands and time-honored restaurants.

  3. Rural farmhouses help the festival”tip economy”

  During the Spring Festival, a leisure trip to the suburbs with a distinctive New Year flavor was welcomed by consumers. Making appointments with friends, bringing relatives, playing poker, sitting on the kang, making dumplings, and eating farm food, you can enjoy a green farm banquet within a short distance, which has become a choice for many citizens to”Chinese New Year on the spot”. The total number of tourists received during the seven-day Spring Festival in Jizhou, Tianjin and tourism revenue increased by 35%and 79%respectively compared with 2019. Among them, the number of visitors to farmyards reached 21,000, an increase of 235%compared to the 2019 Spring Festival. During the Spring Festival in Xishan, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, the farmhouse bed and breakfast package includes board and lodging, and the free discount tour activities in the scenic area are extremely popular. In the depths of the Dabie Mountains, Luwan Village, Sidian Township, Xin County, Henan Province, has attracted tens of thousands of tourists since June 2019, effectively driving local villagers’ employment and sales of agricultural and sideline products. Farmhouse business is booming, and customers like it, so that local villagers are more confident and motivated.

  4. Dinner, fast food and snacks have the fastest growth during the Spring Festival

  According to a survey conducted by the China Cuisine Association on the operating conditions of catering companies during the Spring Festival, catering companies during the Spring Festival in 2021 have seen significant growth in both their turnover and passenger flow. Especially for dinner, the turnover of some companies on New Year’s Eve even increased by 200%and 300%year-on-year, and the growth rate has remained at 30%-100%after that. Some companies have also launched new year’s eve dinner home service. A catering company in Wuhan did not operate during the 2020 Spring Festival. Compared with the 2019 Spring Festival, dine-in food has dropped by 30%, while home delivery service has increased by 32%. Fast food snacks, group meals and other companies have a low growth rate on New Year’s Eve. With the gradual increase in consumption and entertainment activities, business revenues start to increase after the third and fourth day of the first month, and some fast foods have reached more than 100%.

   5. Epidemics spread sporadically before the holiday, unsubscribe if you go to the restaurant to eat and banquet

   Compared with the 2020 Spring Festival this year, catering business operations have picked up, but they are still affected by the epidemic to a certain extent, and there are some difficulties. Before the Spring Festival, domestic epidemics spread sporadically, and epidemic prevention and control are still severe. In response to the national call to reduce the flow of people, celebrate the Chinese New Year on the spot, and reduce gatherings, the cancellation rate of banquets and banquets booked before the year is relatively high, especially for the New Year’s Eve dinner. Some companies have a cancellation rate of 80%and 90%. Moreover, during the Spring Festival, catering companies also faced problems such as rising raw material prices, high labor costs, insufficient food materials, shortage of employees, and mutual disapproval of cold chain food inspection reports.

   In order to satisfy the people’s yearning for a better life and ensure a beautiful and peaceful catering market during the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox, catering people abandon the Spring Festival when they are reunited with their families, work overtime, and are willing to contribute . During the Spring Festival when raw materials are soaring and cold chain logistics are tight, catering companies prepare materials in advance to ensure supply during the Spring Festival holiday. This year, while doing a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, we will create dishes, improve quality, and provide excellent service. High standards and strict requirements for catering services during the Spring Festival. Brand catering companies are also increasingly rich in service content and methods. In response to consumer needs, some catering companies have added community kitchens, launched finished and semi-finished New Year’s Eve dinners, and chefs made New Year’s Eve dinners and other services to provide quality catering services. , To ensure the people’s good life experience, so that the entire industry continues to maintain a stable development trend to contribute.