2021 Shanghai Lantern Festival Food Safety Sampling Inspection Notice
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  The Lantern Festival is approaching. As a traditional food, the quality and safety of glutinous rice balls and Lantern Festival food have been paid much attention to. In order to effectively prevent food safety risks and ensure the safety of citizens’ consumption, the Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Bureau has recently conducted random inspections on the dumplings and Lantern Festival produced and operated in this city. The results of the random inspections are reported as follows:
   A total of 56 samples of glutinous rice balls and Lantern Festival were sampled in the city, including 16 production enterprises in the city and 40 food business enterprises such as supermarkets and food stores. The samples involved many brands produced by enterprises in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Guangdong, Henan, Sichuan and other places, such as”Qiaojiazha”,”Shen Dacheng”,”Qingmei”,”Miss”,”Jiatianxia”,”Wanchai Wharf”, etc. Standards such as”National Food Safety Standard for the Use of Food Additives” (GB2760),”National Food Safety Standard Quick Frozen Rice Products” (GB19295) and other standards, tested the peroxide value, lead, sodium saccharin and other indicators of all samples, and the results showed , All 56 samples meet food safety standards, with a pass rate of 100%.
   City Market Supervision Bureau reminds the public that at present, most supermarkets sell quick-frozen glutinous rice balls and Lantern Festival. Quick-frozen products should be sold under freezing conditions. The temperature of low-temperature display cabinets should not be higher than -15°C. Frost or ballast indicates that the storage temperature of the product is unstable, which can easily cause the acid value of the product to rise, and it will also make the product microbiologically exceed the standard. According to national regulations, the product name, ingredient list, storage conditions, net content, factory name, factory address, contact information, production date, shelf life, product standard code, production license number, etc. must be marked on the outer packaging of food. Try not to buy products with unknown production units and unclear production dates.
  Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Administration
   January 22, 2021