Zhuzhou’s food safety reform and innovation measures were praised by the province
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   Recently, the Food Safety Office of Hunan Province issued the”Recommendation Bulletin on the Typical Innovative Measures for Deepening Reform of Food Safety Work in the Province in 2020″. 13 typical food safety innovation measures in various key links and fields of”Farmland to Table”.

   Among them, the Zhuzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government listed the rapid inspection of edible agricultural products in circulation as the key promotion of the”People’s Livelihood 100″ project. A total of 69 rapid inspection points were built in the city’s urban areas. In the past 4 years, 654,541 batches of fresh vegetables, 45,305 batches of fresh meat, 32,429 batches of aquatic products, and 75222 batches of other types were tested, totaling 771,557 batches. The city’s rapid inspection system for edible agricultural products has achieved results, ensuring the safety of the people’s”vegetable basket”.

   In 2020, the Food Safety Office of Hunan Province, in conjunction with relevant departments, will actively coordinate and promote new measures and “combined punches” in the consolidation of food safety responsibilities. To clarify work responsibilities, take the lead in the country to study and establish the food safety authority list of the four-level market supervision departments of provinces, cities, counties and townships. At the same time, establish the food safety responsibility list of the leadership team, the supervision department responsibility list, and the grassroots mass autonomous organizations to assist the government in accordance with the law. The inspection mechanism is the first in the country to include food safety work in the inspection and inspection of the provincial party committee, and establish a normal inspection mechanism; explore the convergence of travel disciplines, the Provincial Food Safety Office and the relevant departments of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision to deepen the rectification of outstanding food safety issues in the field of people’s livelihood, Implementation of”one case, double investigation” for important clues; incentives to work hard, incorporate food safety work into the provincial government’s work hard to commend and encourage, and encourage the province to carry out typical food safety work reforms and innovations.

   The”Bulletin” called on all relevant departments across the province to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Jinping’s important instructions on food safety work, adhere to the problem-oriented approach, and practice the”Fourth”One is the most stringent”, implement the same responsibility of the party and government, learn from typical experiences and practices, carry forward the spirit of hard work, courage to overcome difficulties, and strive to promote various decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government on deepening reforms and strengthening food safety work The implementation is effective, and the province’s food safety governance system and governance capabilities will be continuously improved, and the”beep safety” of the people of Sanxiang will be protected.