Zhongshan City Market Supervision Bureau organizes”wet powder uniform review”
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   On January 4, the Zhongshan Municipal Market Supervision Bureau organized the “Unified Inspection of Wet Rice Noodles” for food production enterprises to further regulate the production and operation of wet rice noodles enterprises, implement the main responsibilities of enterprises, and prevent food safety risks.
  This inspection action is mainly based on the problems found in the three previous”wet powder unified inspections” inspections, highlighting key enterprises, key links, and key content, and conducting production workshops, finished products warehouses, inspection rooms and other places.”Look back”, focus on the inspection of raw and auxiliary materials, production process control, product inspection and other key links and key control points, supervise and urge enterprises to regulate labeling and use of food additives, strengthen microbial pollution prevention and control measures, and implement the main responsibility of the enterprise. For companies that still fail to rectify as required during the inspection, they are required to conduct rectification and conduct continuous follow-up inspections to strengthen the awareness of law-abiding operation of food production enterprises, prevent problems from rebounding, and ensure food safety.
   This”return inspection” inspected 4 wet rice noodle manufacturers. Some companies still have problems such as lax implementation of food production hygiene regulations and insufficient implementation of food quality and safety management system records. Law enforcement officers have put forward rectification opinions on the spot , And asked the company to make rectification immediately, and the action was also connected to the provincial bureau’s network platform on-site to live-stream the inspection. (Food Production Division)