Zhenjiang City Market Supervision Bureau launched a special action on salt safety in autumn and winter
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   From October 31 to December 31, 2020, the Zhenjiang City Market Supervision Bureau launched a special action for the safety of salt in autumn and winter in the city.
   This special action focuses on checking whether the purchasing channels and the qualifications of the operating entities of the salt operators such as the rural salt market in Zhenjiang City, the key areas of salting salt, the large urban and rural market, the agricultural and sideline product wholesale market and the surrounding areas are legal and effective ; Whether there is an act of selling industrial salt as edible salt; whether there is an act of selling counterfeit trademarks, counterfeit anti-counterfeiting iodized salt signs, and counterfeit iodized salt packaging; whether there are illegal purchases in businesses such as salting, food processing, and catering services , Use of illegal salt, as well as acts of private purchase, private sale, and illegal transportation of salt products in the circulation link, and illegal use of industrial salt for salting, etc.
  The special operation dispatched 1,500 law enforcement personnel, handled 10 salt-related illegal cases, and handled 0.5 tons of illegal salt products, which further improved the operators’ awareness of standardizing operations and strengthening quality and safety, ensuring the safety of Zhenjiang’s salt market in autumn and winter. Smooth and orderly.