Yueyang City Market Supervision Bureau launches food safety sampling and monitoring during the New Year’s Day and Spring Festival and the”Two Sessions” period
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   On December 30, 2020, Li Yueling, deputy director of the Yueyang City Market Supervision Bureau, led a team to Wal-Mart, BBK and other large supermarkets and large-scale agricultural markets in urban areas to carry out food safety inspection and monitoring to ensure the”two festivals” and”two meetings” in Yueyang City”During the period, food quality and safety, and timely detection and disposal of hidden food safety hazards.
   Wherever they go, the inspection team has a detailed understanding of the food market supply, food business quality management, etc., and conducts food supervision and random inspections.
  The inspection team requires companies to strengthen process management and risk prevention and control, improve the food business management system, and implement the corporate responsibility. One is to highlight key links. Focus on refrigerated and frozen food, implement traceability management, strictly control purchase channels, and effectively prevent and control cold chain food epidemics. The second is to highlight key locations. Focus on large and medium-sized shopping malls, supermarkets, farmer’s markets, wholesale markets, and large-scale catering service units, increase inspection efforts and frequency, and severely crack down on the sale of fake and inferior food under the name of holiday promotion. The third is to highlight key varieties. Do a good job in the supervision and sampling of seasonal foods, strictly prevent unqualified food from flowing to the table, and ensure that the people can buy it safely and eat with confidence.
   This sampling inspection is based on the characteristics of food consumption on New Year’s Day and Spring Festival, focusing on large and medium-sized supermarkets, farmer’s markets, catering companies, etc., and focusing on processed food products, edible oil and grease and their products, meat products, Confectionery products, dry products, dairy products, livestock and poultry meat and by-products, fruits and vegetables are the key foods, and 140 batches of random inspections are planned, involving 8 categories. The results of the random inspections will be announced to the public, and based on the results of the random inspections, illegal acts of selling unqualified food will be cracked down and punished to protect the people’s”safety on the tip of the tongue”. (Contribution:Yueyang City Market Supervision Bureau Wu Min City Market Supervision Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment)