Yongzhou City Market Supervision Bureau escorts the safety of special food equipment for the”two sessions”
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   In order to ensure the safety of special food equipment during the “Two Festivals” and “Two Sessions”, on the afternoon of January 7, the Yongzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau launched the “New Year Guard (2021)” operation. Party Secretary Liu Junjun and Director Zhou Yunling led teams to the reception respectively The hotel checks the safety of food and special equipment.
  The inspection team conducted detailed inspections on the kitchens, boiler rooms, and elevator machine rooms of the reception hotels of Jialong, Huafeng Huatian, Nanhua, and Days, etc., and urged the reception units to clean and disinfect tableware and kitchen utensils to ensure Clean and hygienic processing and business premises and environment, carry out food traceability, do a good job in account registration, and immediately issue a rectification notice for the problems found in the inspection, requiring timely rectification in place.
   During the”Two Sessions” period, the city and district market supervision departments will strengthen food safety supervision. Each hotel will arrange two supervisors to supervise the conference, increase the frequency of daily supervision inspections, and eliminate food safety hazards. (Contribution:Yongzhou City Market Supervision Bureau)