Yinchuan City 2021 Spring Festival and Lantern Festival Food Safety Consumption Warning
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  The Spring Festival is approaching, and the food consumption level of urban and rural residents will increase substantially, and the food safety risks that follow will increase accordingly. In the special period of the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic, in order to ensure that the people spend a healthy, safe and peaceful Spring Festival, the Yinchuan Food Safety Commission Office issued the following food safety consumption warning:
   1. Purchase food. When going to shopping malls and farmer’s markets to purchase food, you should wear a mask and strictly abide by the merchant’s relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control. Pay attention to keeping a distance between people when taking the elevator, and keep a distance of more than 1 meter with others when buying goods. Recommend self-service shopping, non-contact scan code payment, try to reduce the queue time. When buying pre-packaged food, pay attention to the production date, shelf life and other information marked on the food label, and reject expired food; when buying bulk food, also pay attention to the production date and shelf life information on the merchant label. It is recommended not to buy bulk without any label Food:When buying cooked food (such as sauced meat, cold skin, etc.), you must go to a regular merchant. It is best to perform a sensory inspection when buying. You should eat it as soon as possible after buying. Do not store it at room temperature for a long time (more than 2 hours).
  When buying cold chain food, pay attention to the warnings of the merchant in the cold chain food retail area, and keep a distance of more than 1 meter from others, and clean your hands in time. Shopping bags containing cold chain food should be washed before use.
   2. Dining out, ordering meals online. Minimize gathering activities, wear masks once you go out to eat, and strictly abide by relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control of catering units. Take an appointment to eat, wear a mask when ordering, and reduce the meal time. When sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with tissues or cover with elbow arms. It is recommended that you use separate dining tables and separate meals, use public chopsticks and spoons, and dine-in seats should reach a safe social distance. Choose catering units with good food safety status. When ordering food online, you should check the seller’s relevant licenses and choose a nearby catering unit to order to shorten the food delivery time as much as possible. After receiving the take-out food, check the packaging and the quality of the ingredients and do not store it for a long time. Refuse to buy cold dishes and raw foods online.
   3. Family dining. When purchasing food and food raw materials, you should go to a regular business to select food and raw materials that meet the requirements. Some pre-packaged foods purchased should be stored in accordance with the labeling requirements (such as cool, dry, ventilated, refrigerated, etc.). The purchased frozen meat, aquatic products and other cold chain foods are first disinfected with a concentration of 500mg/L chlorine-containing disinfectant (such as 84, Jinxing, etc.) before unpacking the packaging, and promptly use alcohol-containing no-wash disinfection Disinfect hands with the agent, wash the shopping bag containing cold chain food, and then use it. Refrigerator freezing and cold storage rooms should be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Do not buy meat products that have been slaughtered on the roadside (without inspection and quarantine); moreover, you cannot eat meat, livestock, beasts, and aquatic animal processed foods that have died of disease, poisoning or unknown causes.
   When cooking food, it is necessary to store the finished food products and raw materials separately, use the containers for the cooked food and raw food materials separately, and use the knives and cutting boards for cutting cooked and raw meat separately. The cooked food should be eaten as soon as possible, and the best storage time should not exceed 2 hours; if leftovers are stored at 8~60℃ for more than 2 hours without sensory changes, they should be reheated before eating. The core temperature must be above 70℃. Wash your hands and disinfect your hands before cooking and eating.
   4. Rural collective dinners. Minimize gathering activities. If gatherings are required, they should strictly abide by the relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control and food safety, and report to the relevant departments for filing; if you hire food processing and production personnel from outside, you must check the other party’s health certificates and other relevant qualifications; the food ingredients you buy must be Store as required, carefully check the safety and quality of food before eating and processing; processed foods must be cooked and cooked thoroughly, and the food center temperature must be above 70 degrees; raw fruits and vegetables must be washed and disinfected. Kitchen knife boards, basin baskets, dishes and other tools and utensils should be cleaned in time after use and strictly disinfected before use.
   5. Special reminder for friends who like to eat hot pot:It is best not to eat charcoal hot pot in a small and closed private room, which is prone to carbon monoxide poisoning.
   6. Consumers should go to a regular hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time when they experience physical discomfort or obvious symptoms of food poisoning during food consumption, keep the meal invoices, medical records, inspection reports and other relevant evidence, and call the complaint telephone number.
  Food safety complaints and reports hotline:12315.