Ya’an City Market Supervision Administration went to Aba Prefecture to conduct research on the quality and safety supervision of brick tea products
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   On January 11, 2021, Wei Gang, deputy director of the Ya’an Market Supervision Bureau, led the responsible comrades of the Food Production Supervision Division and Food Coordination Division of the Ya’an Market Supervision Bureau to conduct research on the quality and safety supervision of brick tea products in Malkang City, Aba Prefecture .
   In the conference room on the 5th floor of the second office area of ​​the Aba Prefecture Market Supervision Bureau, a seminar on the quality and safety supervision of brick tea was held, and the basic situation of the quality and safety supervision of brick tea products was heard. Wei Gang, deputy director of the Ya’an Bureau, introduced and exchanged views on the production and sales of Ya’an Brick Tea. Zhang Hui, deputy director of the Aba Prefecture Bureau, exchanged views on the promotion of brick tea governance and promotion actions in our state. The”Cooperation Agreement on Quality and Safety Supervision of Brick Tea Products” was successfully signed at the symposium.
   Brick tea is the friendship tea of ​​the Tibetan and Han people. With the improvement of people’s living standards, the tea industry should be connected with production and sales, and the cross-regional cooperation between the two parties has been carried out. The special sampling of brick tea has been continuously increased, the management of retail channels has been continuously standardized, and the production has been continuously strengthened. Strict management at the source to ensure the quality and safety of brick tea products.
   After the symposium, Zeng Yuquan, an investigator from the State Market Supervision Bureau, accompanied the Ya’an Municipal Bureau to conduct an in-depth market survey of Malkang, spot-checked brick tea dealers, supervised brick tea business units to operate with a license, and strictly implemented the system for requesting certificates and invoices and purchase inspections , To fulfill the main responsibility of the operator, encourage designated units to purchase low-fluorine brick tea from relatively stable channels, do not sell brick tea without qualification certificates, irregular labeling and marking, and do not purchase and sell bulk tea in violation of regulations.
  Responsible comrades from the Food Circulation Supervision Division, the Catering Supervision Division, the Food Production Supervision Division, the Product Sampling Inspection Division, the Inspection Division, the Food Coordination Division, the Food and Drug Unit of the Malkang Market Supervision Administration, and the Market Supervision Office of the Aba State Market Supervision Bureau participated forum.