Xuzhou City launches pre-holiday food safety spot inspections
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   is”Building and Sharing Food Safety in Xuzhou” to ensure food safety during the New Year’s Day and Spring Festival. On December 29, 2020, Xuzhou City Market Supervision Bureau organized pre-holiday food At the same time, some food safety social supervisors are invited to follow up and supervise the whole food sampling inspection work.

   Since 2020, the Municipal Market Supervision Administration has adhered to the problem-oriented principle, based on the basic principles of finding problems, preventing and controlling risks, and combining the daily supervision situation and the situation of substandard products in recent years , Scientifically and thoughtfully formulate specific food sampling inspection programs, improve the targeting of supervision and sampling, and successively carry out New Year’s Day and Spring Festival food, spring campus food, online food, food additives, wheat flour, unqualified food in the production process, group meal distribution meals, urban collective meals, Special sampling inspections on Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day foods, organized food safety sampling inspections of 34 food categories totaling 43061 batches, covering all aspects of food production, circulation, and operation, and the pass rate of food sampling inspections has always been stable above 98%.

  ”Co-construction and Sharing·Food Safety Xuzhou” is the city’s market supervision bureau serving people’s livelihood, paying attention to people’s needs, and creating a”co-construction, co-governance, and sharing” food safety pattern An innovative activity. While promoting daily food safety supervision and random inspections in an orderly manner, this activity fully meets the general public’s requirements for food quality and safety, answers the public’s doubts about food safety issues, and allows citizens to get close to the true food safety information and the city’s food random inspections. Work status. The focus of the special sampling inspection of food for the New Year’s Day and Spring Festival is 14 types of holiday foods, including processed food products, edible oil, condiments, meat products, honey, vegetable products, dairy products, alcohol, quick-frozen food, roasted food, pastry, and catering food. , 180 batches of random inspection are planned. The market subjects randomly selected for random inspections are the Gulou District Ecological Park Farmer’s Market, Lujian Dairy, and Suning Carrefour Boutique. Randomly select 1 batch each of pastries, liquor, pork, and green vegetables, and 2 batches of dairy products.”Co-construction and Sharing? Food Safety Xuzhou” social supervisors tracked and supervised the sampling activities throughout the whole process, and the results of the sampling inspections will be announced on the website of Xuzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau in the near future.