Xuanchengjing County Market Supervision Bureau strengthens pre-holiday health food market supervision
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   The Spring Festival is approaching, which is also the peak season for health food sales. Xuanchengjing County Market Supervision and Administration Bureau will conduct special inspections in conjunction with special clean-up and rectification actions in the health food industry to further regulate The health food market is in order to ensure the safety of health food consumption during the Spring Festival.

   strengthen supervision and standardize operations. Combining the characteristics of pre-holiday consumption, focus on large supermarkets, pharmacies, maternal and child stores, and grocery stores, and strengthen daily supervision. Focus on checking whether the license is complete, whether the purchase inspection is implemented, whether it is sold at a special counter, and whether there is a consumption reminder. Severely crack down on illegal activities such as out-of-scope operations, false propaganda, non-specialized (counter) sales, operating three nos, and expired health food.

   has rich forms and targeted publicity. Through entering the community, entering the drug store, entering the mother and baby store to carry out health food knowledge promotion, focusing on the middle-aged and elderly consumer groups who are easily deceived to effectively popularize health food knowledge and improve their identification ability. At the same time, by posting leaflets, recurring publicity slogans and other methods, strengthen publicity and build momentum, encourage mass participation, and strive to create a pattern of social governance.

   Up to now, the bureau has dispatched 86 law enforcement officers to inspect 6 large-scale shops, including food business households, maternal and child stores, pharmacies, and grocery stores 52 For households, law enforcement officers issued”Administrative Guidance Opinions” on the spot, and urged operators to make rectification within a specified period of time for problems such as obstruction of health food labels and irregular placement of health food sales areas.