Xuancheng City Holds 2020 Food and Drug Safety Committee Plenary Meeting
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   On December 31, 2020, the 2020 Plenary Meeting of the Xuancheng City Food and Drug Safety Committee was held. Ning Wei, deputy mayor of the municipal government and deputy director of the Municipal Food Safety Commission, attended the meeting and delivered a speech; Liu Fugui, secretary of the Party group, director of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, and director of the Municipal Food Safety Office, notified the city’s food and drug safety work in 2020; deputy director of the Municipal Food Safety Office Jin Xiaola, Xu Ming, heads of all member units of the Municipal Food Safety Commission attended the meeting. Wang Leifeng, deputy secretary general of the municipal government, presided over the meeting.

   Ning Wei pointed out that it is necessary to unify the thinking, improve the position, and deeply understand the new situation of food and drug safety work. Food and drug safety is related to the health and safety of the people and the future of the Chinese nation. It is of great significance to do a good job of food and drug safety in the new era, with arduous tasks and glorious missions. In the face of the current normalization of epidemic prevention and control and food and drug safety risks, the food safety problems caused by international trade have deepened. It is necessary to think ahead, study and plan work measures, firmly establish the concept of safe development, focus on solving outstanding problems, and continuously improve the people The sense of gain, happiness and security.

   Ning Wei requires that we must focus on the problem, use precise force, accurately grasp the new requirements of food and drug safety, follow the”four most stringent” requirements, strictly prevent and control , Strictly control food safety risks, make precise efforts, and adhere to the bottom line of safety. We must focus on epidemic prevention and control, and resolutely put an end to the spread and spread of the epidemic caused by cold chain food. It is necessary to strictly supervise the whole process, strengthen the construction of the traceability system, and effectively improve the accuracy and effectiveness of supervision. It is necessary to persist in severe punishment and severe punishment, and always maintain a high pressure on illegal and criminal activities in the food and drug field. It is necessary to strengthen risk prevention, purify the rural consumer market, and improve the level of food and drug safety in rural areas. It is necessary to promote high-quality development, accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, cultivate leading food and drug companies, and expand the scale of industrial agglomeration.

   Ning Wei emphasized that we must be brave enough to take responsibility, implement responsibilities, and promote food and drug safety work to achieve new results. All member units must resolutely take up the political responsibility for food and drug safety in accordance with the requirements of”safety management in the industry”, and jointly weave a dense network of food and drug safety responsibility to protect the health and safety of the people. The Municipal Food Safety Office must play a leading role in food and drug safety coordination and leadership, strictly prevent and control food and drug safety risks, and improve the supervision capability of the whole process of”from farmland to table” and”from laboratory to hospital” and food safety. Chain protection level. Give full play to the”baton” role of appraisal and appraisal, consolidate the responsibilities of all parties, ensure that all tasks are in place, and lay a solid foundation for the”14th Five-Year Plan” to plan a good chapter and make a good start.

   Liu Fugui’s notification from three aspects:strengthening overall coordination and tightening the chain of responsibility; strengthening supervision and strengthening the security line; carrying out special rectification and upgrading the industry level. In 2020, the city’s food and drug safety work has been implemented, and the next steps have been deployed:First, the food and drug safety assessment work is the core, to ensure that it enters the province’s first rank, and strive to enter the province’s first phalanx. The second is to focus on ensuring food and drug safety during the”Two Sessions” and”Two Festivals”, and strictly investigate the hidden dangers of food and drug safety such as epidemic prevention and control, cold chain food, New Year’s Eve dinners, and rural collective meals to ensure the safety of people’s diet and medication in the city. The third is to implement the”Specific Measures for Deepening Reform and Strengthening Food Safety in Xuancheng City” and”Specific Measures for Reforming and Improving the Vaccine and Drug Administration System”, focus on grassroots food and drug safety supervision, increase food and drug supervision sampling, and strengthen food Investigate and handle drug cases, and firmly maintain the bottom line of food and drug safety. Fourth, the key to the supervision and management of vaccine storage and transportation is to improve the construction of a national vaccine supervision system. Strengthen the supervision of pharmaceutical retail, medical device operation and use. Fifth, take demonstration and creation activities as the carrier to improve the entire process of food and drug supervision capabilities and the level of full chain protection, promote high-quality development of the industry, and promote the modernization of the food and drug safety governance system and governance capabilities.

   At the meeting, the Municipal Education and Sports Bureau, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau made exchange speeches; reviewed the”Xuancheng Food Safety Work Evaluation and Assessment Measures” and”Xuancheng City Food and Drug Safety Committee Office Working System.”