Xinjiang Horgos 300,000 naan sold to Central Asian market
By: Date: 2021-01-14 Categories: chinesefood Tags: ,, Horgos, Xinjiang, January 12th. On the 12th, 300,000 naan was quickly cleared through the “green channel” of agricultural and sideline products at the Horgos port in Xinjiang to Uzbekistan. It is reported that this is the largest batch of naan products exported at Horgos Port so far.

   The person in charge of a trading company in Horgos told reporters:“Our company produces more and more varieties of naan and leba, and the demand from customers in Central Asia is also increasing. This shows the characteristics of Horgos. The naan has been recognized by consumers in Central Asia. In 2020, the company exported 1.1 million naan and leba. Just after New Year’s Day, the company exported 500,000 naan, and it is estimated that the export volume of naan will be about 10 million in 2021.”
  Naan industry is one of the “ten major industries” that Xinjiang will focus on developing in the next five years. Both the production scale and technical standards are increasing year by year, moving towards standardization and specialization. Xinjiang Horgos, with the idea of ​​“small naan cakes boosting the big industry”, with a total investment of 150 million yuan to build a naan industrial park, with 10 functional areas including naan culture exhibition hall, naan production base, and tourist experience center.
   In order to expedite the rapid customs clearance of naan products, the Horgos City Government actively coordinated customs and other departments to quickly solve the problems of enterprise export food qualification filing and customs supervision places. Zhu Dongmei, Section Chief of the Second Section of Khorgos Customs Inspection and Inspection, said:“We assign special personnel to connect with export companies in the export process, review relevant documents and materials in advance, and implement priority inspection and priority inspection and release of goods to ensure’zero delay’ in customs clearance. .”
   At present, Nang has become a brand-new business card for the development of Horgos in Xinjiang. The local business models such as”Nan + Tourism”,”Nan + Commerce” and”Nan + E-commerce Platform” have promoted the continuous growth and development of the Nang industry. More people increase their income and become rich.
   Zhen Fei, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Horgos Economic Development Zone, said:“Vigorously develop the food processing industry led by the naan industry, which is important for expanding farmers’ employment and income, advancing the adjustment of agricultural structure, and efficient development. Role. We will take the naan industry as a starting point, make good use of local and surrounding agricultural and sideline products and surplus labor resources, continuously optimize the Horgos food processing industry structure and supply system, and further extend the industrial chain, enhance the value chain, and integrate the supply chain. Promote rural revitalization and high-quality economic development.” (End)