Xilin Gol League Xilinhot City Market Supervision Bureau launches special inspections in the field of food circulation before the holiday
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   In order to create a harmonious and stable consumption environment and ensure that the people live a safe and peaceful festival, the Xilinhot City Market Supervision Bureau of Xilin Gol League carefully sorted out the risk points and dealt with Food circulation business units such as large, medium and small supermarkets and farmer’s markets have carried out special inspections of food safety before the holiday.

   The first is to focus on the inspection and acceptance of food raw materials and purchase channel ledger records, supplier product qualification certification documents, current batch inspection reports, business unit qualifications, Environmental sanitation, quality inspection reports, health qualifications of employees, epidemic prevention and control measures, and”four certificates” for imported food were inspected. The second is to focus on strengthening the supervision of the prices of hot-selling products during festivals, severely crack down on arbitrary price increases, arbitrary charges and various improper price behaviors during the festival, and guide operators to strengthen price self-discipline and create a good holiday market price environment for the masses. The third is to remind shopping malls, supermarkets, etc. that large-scale gatherings of people such as celebrations, New Year’s Eve parties, etc. are not allowed during the holiday season, so as to effectively prevent and control the epidemic.

   So far, 417 law enforcement officers have been dispatched, 139 law enforcement vehicles have been dispatched, 4 farmer’s markets, 20 large and medium-sized supermarkets, and 12 food businesses in farming and pastoral areas have been inspected. There are 188 small supermarkets.