Xiantao Market Supervision Bureau launches special inspection on the Yangtze River ban on arrest and withdrawal
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   Recently, the Xiantao City Market Supervision Bureau organized a special class to carry out special inspections on the Yangtze River ban on catching and returning to catch in fishing net markets, restaurants, and bazaars.
  In the Ganhe Fishing Nets Market, the inspection team checked in detail whether the fishing gear shop sells dense mesh nets (extreme nets), ground cages, ecstasy arrays, flap hooks and electric fishing gear and other illegal fishing tools. To determine whether the store’s signboard contains the above words, the law enforcement officers were guided on-site to remove two illegal signboards. Wherever they went, the inspection team urged the fishing tackle shop operators to strictly follow the 10-year ban on fishing in the Yangtze River, earnestly implement the regulations on bans, strictly prohibit the sale of illegal fishing tools, and deal with them strictly according to laws and regulations.
   After that, the inspection team randomly inspected two restaurants at Zhoubang Xinwu Yuzhuang and Dafengshou Yuzhuang Ganhe Road on Fuzhou Avenue. Whether the restaurant’s doorplates, menus, and advertising slogans contained”Yangtze River”” The words”Han River”,”Wild Fish”, and”Wild River Fresh” were inspected, and the sources of various aquatic products were inquired in detail. The inspection team requires catering units to completely prohibit the production and sale of wild aquatic products, and not to use”Yangtze River (Han River) wild fish” and”wild river fresh” as gimmicks for false propaganda. Market supervision departments will deceive and mislead consumers. Seriously investigate and deal with according to law.
The    inspection team also inspected the Hongtai Convenience Market on-site, and found that the words”wild” and”wild fish” on the signs of the aquatic product sales area operators in the market had been erased, but the signs still contained”East Jinghe”.”Paihu” and other words, the scene asked the person in charge of the bazaar to immediately rectify, remove and replace the new signboard uniformly.
   Up to now, the bureau has inspected 64 aquatic product production and processing enterprises, inspected 196 hotels and catering units, dismantled and rectified 17 signboard advertisements, confiscated 25 menus, and filed 1 case for investigation.