Work results of the edible and medicinal fungi team of Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences
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   At the end of the year, each branch of the China Edible Fungus Association launched a summary of 2020 and planning for 2021. 2020 is an extraordinary year. However, in Our edible fungus industry also has many remarkable achievements in various fields. The editor will launch them one after another so that everyone can exchange and learn~

   Today, I’m sharing the results of the edible and medicinal fungi team of Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences~

   basic research to a higher level

   Gao Hong, a new researcher on the National Natural Science Foundation of China,”Irradiated Schizophyllum polysaccharides on the regulation mechanism of intestinal flora and key effect factors analysis ( 32072229)”; Dr. Yin Chaomin published a review paper “The Impact of Mushroom Polysaccharides on Gut Microbiota and Its Beneficial Effects to Host:A Review” in CARBOHYDRATE POLYMERS (JCR District 1, Impact Factor 7.182); Dr. Shi Defang in LWT-Food Science and Published a research paper”Effects of low-dose γ-irradiation on the water state of fresh Lentinula edodes” on Technology (JCR Zone 1, Impact Factor 4.006).

  New technology and new product highlights

   In 2020, the team has 4 invention patents authorized. They are:a method for preparing health-care rice food blanks with mushroom flavor (ZL201611230219.6), A method for preparing black fungus melanin by irradiation-enzymatic hydrolysis assisted non-thermal high pressure method (ZL201910504369.9), a method for preparing instant prepared shiitake mushroom snack food (ZL201710440616.4) and a method for preparing instant mushroom stem crispy strips (ZL201710440535.4). New products such as Cordyceps militaris wine and Cordyceps nutritious rice have been put on the market, and have been exhibited at Chengdu Sugar and Wine Fair, Wuhan Agricultural Fair and other exhibitions, and have been widely praised.

   further promote the conversion and application of results

   In 2020, the team has 4 patents transferred and transformed, among which”a method for preparing high-power brewed into drink pulp with black fungus deep fermentation liquid”,”one A method for preparing health-care rice food blanks with mushroom flavor” was transferred to Hubei Haowei Technology Co., Ltd.;”a method for intensified extraction of polysaccharides from Cordyceps militaris rice culture medium”,”A method for extracting cordyceps militaris rice culture medium by ultra-high pressure” The”Cordycepin Method” was transferred to Wuhan Tiannian Technology Co., Ltd., and assisted the company in formulating and filing the Hubei Provincial Food Safety Enterprise Standard”Cordyceps militaris”. Participated in the Hubei Province Announcement Project”Edible Fungus Compound Special Dietary Product Key Technology Research and Development”, and Zhongxiang Xingli jointly developed the”Edible Mushroom Soybean Nutrient Composition and Functional Composition Analysis System” (software copyright), and applied it in the enterprise .

   strengthen platform construction and foreign exchanges and cooperation

  In 2020, the team cooperated with the company to build 3 provincial innovation platforms:Hubei Province Edible Fungus Instant Food R&D Enterprise-School Joint Innovation Center, Hubei Province Edible Fungus Jelly Dry food enterprise-school joint innovation center and Hubei Zhongxiang edible fungus processing village revitalization technology innovation demonstration base. In terms of foreign exchanges, at the Yichang Yuan’an Edible Fungus Industry Conference in October 2020, researcher Gao Hong was invited to give a conference report on”Opportunities and Innovations in Edible Fungi Processing under Normalization of Epidemic Prevention and Control”; in September, he went to Fujian to participate in Chinese food The 2020 annual meeting of the Medicinal Fungi Committee of the Bacteria Association discussed the revision of the national standard of”Ganoderma lucidum spore powder collection and processing technical specifications” and”how to develop high-quality normalized medicinal fungi for epidemic prevention and control”.

   Contribution:Gao Hong, Deputy Chairman, Committee of Medicinal Fungi, China Edible Fungus Association

  Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences Team of Edible and Medicinal Fungi