Vietnam’s Jian Giang province’s fishery production exceeded expectations by 10.8%
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From FiS on December 31, data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Vietnam showed that the output of fishing and aquaculture in Jianjiang Province in the Mekong Delta this year exceeded 836,200 tons, which was 10.8%higher than the expected target, of which the catch exceeded 572,000. Ton.

   Jianjiang Province has reorganized the fishery sector to reduce offshore fishing and expand offshore fishing. At the same time, the province has strengthened publicity efforts to raise fishermen’s awareness of fishery resources protection, and punish individuals and companies that violate the fishery development and protection regulations.
   Jianjiang Province strengthened fisheries promotion activities, taught farmers advanced aquaculture technology, especially prawn aquaculture technology, divided aquaculture species area, and attached importance to the development of aquaculture shrimp and other high-value aquaculture species. Through the use of advanced farming technology, the current per hectare farmed shrimp yield can reach 30-50 tons, while the traditional technology yields only 10-12 tons.
  Using Semi-Biofloc and Biofloc technologies to develop an industrial shrimp farming model, and establish a two-stage farming model for increasing production, which can create an annual income of 280 million VND per hectare . From 2016 to 2019, 44 learning places were set up in the province for farmers to practice.
  The value of aquaculture production in Jianjiang Province has increased from 418 billion VND in 2015 to 636 billion VND today.