Vietnam’s first batch of frozen shrimp exported smoothly in 2021
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   (People’s Daily) The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam held the first batch of frozen shrimp export ceremony in 2021 with the People’s Committee of Hou Giang Province and Hou Giang-Ming Phu Fishery Co., Ltd. on January 5.

  This batch of frozen shrimp totaled 160 tons and was exported to the United States, Europe and Japan.
  Feng Dejin, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, delivered a speech at the ceremony, asking all companies to strengthen cooperation and expand export markets.
   In 2020, Vietnam’s agriculture will be hit by the new crown pneumonia epidemic and natural disasters such as seawater intrusion, heavy rains, floods, etc. However, the agricultural sector still persists, facing difficulties, maintaining the growth rate of aquatic products, and increasing the value of aquatic products by 3.05%, The output reached 8.4 million tons, an increase of 1.8%year-on-year, of which the shrimp output reached 900,000 tons. The export value of aquatic products reached 8.4 billion US dollars.
  Ming Phu Aquatic Products Group is a first-class aquatic product group in Vietnam. The shrimp processing and export output reached 55,000 tons and the export value reached 580 million U.S. dollars. Most of them are frozen shrimp. The main export markets are the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Canada. Waiting for the country. The shrimp processing output of Houjiang-Mingfu Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. reached 22,400 tons and the export value reached 240 million US dollars.
  Tong Wenqing, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Houjiang Province, said that the Jiulong River Delta region and the national aquatic industry are ushering in huge development opportunities, especially after the”Vietnam-EU Free Trade Agreement” (EVFTA) takes effect, tariffs will drop significantly. Open the door for the export of Vietnamese shrimp products. (End)