Ulanqab City Market Supervision Bureau held a meeting on epidemic prevention and control on behalf of large catering companies
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   In order to conscientiously implement the relevant deployment requirements of higher-level departments on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and effectively strengthen the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic of large catering service units in Ulan Qab, Further urge catering operators to raise their awareness of epidemic prevention and control and strengthen the main responsibility of enterprises. On January 7, the Ulan Qab City Market Supervision Bureau held a meeting on behalf of large-scale catering companies on epidemic prevention and control. Jining District Market Supervision Bureau, the city Representatives of relevant departments and large-scale catering companies attended the meeting.

The    meeting emphasized that the current global new crown pneumonia epidemic is accelerating, with sporadic cases and local clusters in many places in China, and the situation of epidemic prevention and control this winter and next spring Still grim and complicated. In recent days, the epidemic situation has been severe in parts of Hebei Province. As a border city of Hebei Province, Ulan Qab has increased the pressure on epidemic prevention and control. According to relevant requirements, all large-scale catering companies must do the following:First, all catering business units must continue to strictly complete the filing and review of group dinners in accordance with the requirements; second, catering companies must effectively implement epidemic prevention and control work to ensure epidemic prevention and control Measures are implemented in place; the third is to do a good job of ventilation and disinfection during the operation; the fourth is to effectively prevent and control the safety of employees; the fifth is to strengthen the investigation of people who are in close contact with cold chain imported food; sixth, all localities must strictly implement imported cold chains Food traceability management; seventh is to strictly implement the food raw material procurement inspection and registration and certificate requesting ticket system; eight is to set up temporary isolation sites, formulate epidemic prevention and control and emergency response plans, and strictly implement daily prevention and control measures; nine is to continue to do a good job For the management of food delivery personnel on the network ordering platform, each hotel shall negotiate with third-party platforms to effectively strengthen the health monitoring of the food delivery personnel.

   The meeting required that the heads of catering companies should earnestly raise their awareness, resolutely put an end to paralysis, and recognize the current situation of the epidemic, and prevent and control the epidemic As the current key work of various catering service companies, ensure that various epidemic prevention measures are in place. All catering service units and supervisory departments must work together to prevent the spread of the epidemic. After the meeting, large catering companies will count the number of relevant employees as soon as possible, and cooperate with relevant departments to do nucleic acid testing in a timely manner.