U.S. imports of canned peaches
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   From January to November 2020, imports of canned peaches in the United States increased by 24%year-on-year to 84,000 tons.

  Among them, imports from China rank first, with 43,800 tons, accounting for 52%of total imports (48%in 2019);< /div>

   imports 13,400 tons from Thailand, accounting for 16%of total imports;

   imports 11,800 tons from Greece, accounting for 14%of total imports;

   4863 tons imported from Chile, accounting for 6%of total imports (11%in 2019);

   4944 tons of imports from South Africa, accounting for 6%of total imports (10%in 2019);

   imports 2,536 tons from Spain, accounting for 3%of total imports, which is the same as last year.

U.S. imports of canned peachesimage
  Data source:FOODNEWS