Two provincial agricultural machinery equipment R&D and innovation projects from the Agricultural Machinery Institute of Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences passed the appraisal and acceptance
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  Recently, researcher Guan Yanhua of Shandong Agricultural Machinery Testing and Appraisal Station, Professor Li Changhe of Qingdao Technological University, Senior Agronomist Zhang Xijun of Shandong Agricultural Society, Professor Zhang Guohai of Shandong University of Technology and Accountant Lu Fengling of Shandong Taihe Accounting Firm, etc. Five experts formed a project appraisal and acceptance expert group, and participated in the 2018 Shandong Provincial Agricultural Machinery Equipment Research and Development Innovation Plan”Pneumatic Wheat Intelligent Wide Seedling Belt Uniform Sowing Precision Fertilizer Development” undertaken by the Agricultural Machinery Institute and the”Dongzao Garden Intelligent Operating Platform” And the two research and development projects”Development and Demonstration Project of Supporting Machinery and Tools” have been appraised and accepted. The meeting was chaired by Xin Zhangfa, Deputy Director of the Department of Agricultural Mechanization of the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Huang Yujuan, Deputy Director of Shandong Jiaotong College, Li Qian, Chief of the Department of Agricultural Chemistry of the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Jiao Wei, Vice President of the Academy of Agricultural Machinery, and related management functions. People and team members attended the meeting.
  ”Pneumatic intelligent wide seedling belt uniform sowing precision fertilizer applicator” project broke through the key technologies of small and medium grain disturbance, efficient seed filling, multi-row synchronous seeding, and innovated suitable for wide seedling belt single seed precision seeding Three key components, including the pneumatic precision electric-driven wheat seed metering device, the servo electric-drive adjustable speed screw fertilizer discharging device, and the wide seedling belt double suppression profiling monomer, have developed a pneumatic intelligent wide seedling belt uniformly distributed seeding device. The precision fertilizer applicator can complete the combined operations of crushed soil leveling, wide seedlings with air suction and uniform sowing, and electronically controlled precision fertilization at one time.
  ”Development and Demonstration of Dongzao Garden Intelligent Operation Platform and Supporting Equipment” project developed the Dongzao Garden intelligent operation platform and supporting equipment. By breaking through the traditional gear transmission and wireless remote control technology, the electromagnetic clutch-controlled multi-gear transmission device, double backup wireless remote control receiving and sending device have been developed to realize the remote control function of the working chassis; the modularization of the working unit and the standardized interface technology are adopted. Innovative intelligent operating platform and common interface device for supporting equipment, and developed equipment suitable for the operation of winter jujube garden, such as spraying, branch crushing, picking platform lifting and other equipment, which effectively improves the efficiency and quality of the operation.
  Through the on-site prototype inspection and the project team’s report, after discussion and questioning, the expert team determined that the two projects have completed the tasks and assessment indicators specified in the task book, unanimously agreed to pass the project acceptance, and identified the”pneumatic smart wheat bread The technology of the”Fertilizer with uniform seeding and precision fertilizer applicator” is at the domestic leading level, and the technology of pneumatic electric-driven wide seedling with single-grain precision seeding has reached the international advanced level. It is recommended to accelerate the transformation of results. The comprehensive supporting technology of”Dongzaoyuan Intelligent Operating Platform and Supporting Equipment Development and Demonstration” is recognized as the domestic leader, and the electromagnetic clutch controlled idle gear transmission device has reached the international advanced level.