Two local standards in Jiangxi Province that were drafted by Yingtan Comprehensive Inspection Center were officially released
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   On December 29, 2020, Yingtan City Comprehensive Inspection Center cooperated with the Provincial Food Inspection and Testing Institute for the first time to jointly draft two local standards in Jiangxi Province:DB36/T1336-2020″General Technical Specifications for the Construction of Rapid Food Testing Laboratories”And DB36/T1337-2020″Food Rapid Testing Laboratory Quality Control Specification” was officially approved and released, and will be implemented on July 1, 2021.
   The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau has always attached great importance to the standardized construction of food safety quick inspection teams and quick inspection rooms. The Municipal Comprehensive Inspection Center organized capable scientific research forces, conducted in-depth research at the grassroots level, learned advanced experience from inside and outside the province, and was responsible for drafting the”Yingtan City Specification for construction and quality control of rapid food testing laboratories. At the same time, the Municipal Comprehensive Inspection Center actively participated in the drafting of the Jiangxi Provincial Local Standards”General Technical Specifications for the Construction of Rapid Food Testing Laboratories” and”Quality Control Specifications for Rapid Food Testing Laboratories” led by Jiangxi Provincial Food Inspection and Testing Institute. The official release of the two standards is a useful attempt by the Comprehensive Inspection Center to expand scientific research capabilities and improve scientific research.
   City Comprehensive Inspection Center will use the release of the two local standards as an opportunity to strengthen in-depth cooperation and exchanges with universities and scientific research institutions, effectively promote the center’s technological R&D and technological innovation capabilities, and thereby provide more for the development of market supervision. Strong technical support. (City Comprehensive Inspection Center)