Tonghua City Market Supervision and Administration Bureau completed the re-inspection of the establishment of the 2020 provincial”Reliable Meat and Vegetable Demonstration Supermarket” with high quality
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   Recently, the Market Supervision Department of Jilin Province reviewed the creation of Tonghua City’s participation in the creation of the provincial “Reliable Meat and Vegetable Demonstration Supermarket” in 2020, and passed the 27 audit evaluation indicators and site in 9 aspects of the audit and evaluation rules. After comprehensive evaluation, Eurasian Supermarket passed the re-inspection.
   In 2020, the Tonghua City Market Supervision Bureau will focus on strictly implementing the main responsibilities of supermarket food safety, with the goal of consolidating the basis for the supervision of the quality and safety of edible agricultural products, and following the demonstration, leading and cultivating typical work ideas, publicizing and mobilizing participation in provincial demonstration supermarkets Create an event. In the creation work, the leaders in charge of the Market Supervision Administration have repeatedly visited the scene to supervise and guide the participating enterprises, helping to solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the creation work. Supervision departments at the city and county levels are actively advancing and strictly controlling the preliminary work such as declaration, preliminary verification, and review to ensure that the creation work achieves tangible results. In the next step, our bureau will continue to follow the principle of “territorial management and enterprise voluntariness” to make the creation of the “assured meat and vegetable demonstration supermarket” a conscious action of the operators, and strive to achieve the integration of enterprise voluntariness and the satisfaction of the people, economic benefits and social Benefit double harvest, promote the formation of a good environment of legal supervision, standardized operation, and assured consumption, continuously improve the people’s sense of gain, happiness, and security, and provide guarantees for the health and life safety of the people in the city.