Tonghua City Market Supervision Administration launches special inspection of catering on New Year’s Day
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In order to ensure the safety of catering services during the People’s New Year’s Day in the city, the Tonghua City Market Supervision and Administration Bureau carried out special law enforcement inspections on key catering units in the city, requiring all catering units to increase epidemic prevention and control efforts, and scan code registration and temperature detection of diners. In addition, Law enforcement officers focused on frozen and refrigerated meat, seafood, imported cold-chain food, and wild fish, and focused on inspections of cold-chain food and aquatic products’ purchase and sales accounts, and health management of employees. Unknown sources of purchase and sales are strictly prohibited The cold chain foods and wild fishes are regularly carried out environmental disinfection, and personnel protection measures are taken to ensure the source, whereabouts, and inspection of imported cold chain foods to ensure the safety of citizens’ food during holidays.