Tieling City Market Supervision Administration has achieved initial results in the prevention and control of imported cold chain food epidemics
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   In response to the current situation of epidemic prevention and control, in accordance with the work arrangements of the Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government and Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Market Supervision Administration regards cold chain food safety supervision as the focus of epidemic prevention and control, and actively takes effective measures to strictly prevent the epidemic Through the spread of”materials”, comprehensively strengthen the supervision of imported cold chain food safety to ensure the safety of imported cold chain food.
   1. Intensify the investigation and inspection, and consolidate the basic work.
   Starting from January 1, the market supervision departments of counties (cities) and districts will be organized to conduct a centralized investigation of all imported cold chain foods in the area under their jurisdiction, and the situation is clear. As of January 10, the city has investigated 369 cold storages and 58 cold storages engaged in imported cold chain food. There are 210 households engaged in imported cold chain food business. At present, the city’s inventory of food is 636.592 tons. The first designated cold storage has shipped 389.29 tons since its operation, and the current inventory is 0 tons. There are 652 employees engaged in imported cold chain food related businesses in the city.
  2. Strengthen source management and comprehensively manage and control cold storage
   After the establishment of the first station designated cold storage in Tieling City, in accordance with the”First Station Designated Cold Storage Supervision Plan”, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, the Health Commission, the Transportation Bureau, and the Public Security Bureau will be jointly listed for supervision, and the”people-marking” mechanism will be implemented. The core warehouse is subject to double-key opening supervision, and the market supervisor and the head of the enterprise can enter the scene together. The work process, division of responsibilities, duty schedule, etc. are clarified and announced in the office area. The plant area implements district management, with formalities inspection area, waiting area, disinfection area, loading and unloading area, etc., and regional signs and signs are set up. Workers in the factory are designated to work in the work area. Porters, disinfectants, and truck drivers are centrally managed in the closed area. All personnel are not allowed to move in non-designated areas. The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau established the first station cold storage management and control team, with the director as the team leader, two deputy county-level cadres as the deputy team leaders, and 8 members responsible for coordinating related work, implementing a three-shift shift system. The first station designated cold storage implements a food entry and exit account registration system, truthfully records the name, quantity, food source, origin, storage time, inventory, etc. of stored refrigerated and frozen foods, and timely passes the Liaoning Province refrigerated and frozen food safety traceability system Enter relevant information to ensure that the source of imported cold chain food is controllable and traceable.
   On the basis of the designated cold storage at the first stop, all cold storages in the city will be subject to fixed-point listing supervision on January 1 to strengthen supervision responsibility. Publicize the name of the cold storage, the person in charge of the cold storage, and the supervisory personnel, and implement”person-to-storage” supervision. Supervisors must have a clear background and information about the imported cold chain food in the supervised cold storage, and the cold storage is strictly prohibited from”private storage”. Non-compliant nucleic acid testing and disinfection. Up to now, all cold storages in the city have been listed for supervision, and each cold storage has clarified the supervisory responsibility of the market supervision, health, public security, and transportation departments.
  3. Improve emergency response capabilities and do a good job in emergency response to epidemic-related cold chain food
   On the afternoon of December 29, in order to reduce the risk of epidemic prevention and control caused by imported cold-chain foods, and to ensure the health and safety of the people, Tieling City Market Supervision Administration united with the Municipal Health Commission, the Municipal Transportation Bureau, and the municipal The Center for Disease Control and Prevention will hold an emergency drill for the prevention and control of imported cold chain foods from the Tieling Market Supervision Administration in 2020. Through on-site simulation exercises to test and improve the emergency response capabilities of relevant member units for emergency response, unified command, effective control, scientific evaluation, and legal disposal of imported cold chain food safety, the city’s actual combat capabilities of imported cold chain food epidemic prevention and control will be improved.
  4. Strengthen supervision and law enforcement to ensure the safety of imported cold chain food supply
   Tieling City Market Supervision and Administration Bureau further improved its working mechanism, insisted on making up shortcomings, strengths and weaknesses, and plugging loopholes. On January 1st, it formulated and issued the”Regarding Further Strengthening of Imported Cold Chain Food”Notice on Management and Control” (Tiexin Epidemic Prevention Guide [2021] No. 1), to further implement the prevention and control of imported cold chain food epidemics. It is clear that imported cold chain food that does not meet the requirements of nucleic acid testing shall not be stored, processed, or sold. Strictly control market supply. Strengthen daily supervision and investigation. The”four no” imported cold chain foods without inspection and quarantine certificate of imported goods, no new coronavirus nucleic acid test certificate, no disinfection and sterilization certificate, and no factory traceability certificate shall be investigated and dealt with in accordance with laws and regulations. Sales. Severely cracked down on illegal and illegal behaviors of imported cold chain food, and 9 cases have been filed for storage and seizure of 8.35 tons of goods. In order to further improve the prevention and control of imported cold chain food during the holiday season, and ensure the safety of imported cold chain food.