Three local food safety standards in Qinghai passed acceptance
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   A few days ago, the Qinghai Provincial Food Inspection and Testing Institute undertook the drafting and preparation of 3 local food safety standards, including”Lycium barbarum bud tea”,”Black fruit lycium barbarum”,”Detection method for anthocyanins in lycium barbarum”, and passed the provincial The expert review and acceptance organized by the Health Commission will play an important role in guaranteeing and promoting the unification of wolfberry product standards in our province, standardizing production and operation behavior, and promoting the quality and efficiency of local characteristic industries.
   In 2020, the Provincial Food Inspection and Testing Institute will closely focus on the overall situation of Qinghai’s economic development, give full play to the advantages of talents, technology, equipment and other resources, continue to increase technological innovation and scientific research capacity building, and focus on the characteristic industry of wolfberry and related products. Organized to declare 3 local food safety standards and carried out technical research work, which not only improved the professional ability and scientific research level of food inspection and testing professionals, but also made a positive contribution to the establishment of a green organic agricultural and livestock product demonstration province. (Contribution:Provincial Food Inspection Institute)