[Thirteenth Five-Year Tour] Science and Technology Support of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Series 9:Dairy Industry
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  The dairy industry is an indispensable industry for a healthy China and a strong nation. It is a representative industry for food safety, and a symbolic industry for agricultural modernization and primary, secondary and tertiary industries. A coordinated development of strategic industries. Promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the dairy industry and improving the nutritional safety of dairy products are of great significance to strengthening the national body and strengthening the national industry.

   During the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, the production capacity of my country’s dairy industry has been steadily improving, the quality and safety of dairy products have remained good, and consumers’ confidence in domestic milk has gradually recovered. In 2019, my country’s total milk production reached 32.976 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 3.8%. The scale of dairy farming has increased, with the proportion of scale reaching 64%, an increase of 11.7%over 2015. The level of mechanization of dairy farming has improved, with the rate of mechanization of large-scale breeding reaching 82.4%, and the rate of mechanization of milking in large-scale breeding farms reaching 100%. The nutrition and management level of dairy cows has been continuously improved. In 2019, the yield of dairy cows per year was 7.8 tons, an increase of 1.8 tons compared with 2015. The level of milk quality and safety is improving year by year. In 2019, the total number of colonies, the number of somatic cells, and the content of aflatoxin M1 reached European and American standards. The pass rate of dairy products is higher than the average level of food pass rates. In 2019, the pass rate of dairy products was 99.8%, maintaining above 99%for five consecutive years. Consumers’ confidence in domestic high-quality milk has gradually recovered.

   During the”13th Five-Year Plan” period, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences will focus on key technologies for the safety control and quality improvement of milk and dairy products, quality improvement of high-quality milk production, and green low-carbon technology A series of innovative results have been achieved in key technologies, the integration and promotion of dairy cattle breeding technologies, and the academic influence and industrial support have been further enhanced, which strongly supports the high-quality development of the dairy industry.

   has developed and constructed key technologies for safety control and quality improvement of milk and milk products. A basic database of milk product quality, safety and nutritional quality has been constructed to reveal the harm mechanism of mycotoxin coexistence, and an authoritative platform for risk data exchange has been established. Since 2015, relying on the database to submit 205 reports to the competent authorities, the government regulatory authorities have implemented active and efficient supervision based on the types and dynamic changes of the main risk factors in milk and dairy products. Since 2016, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has continuously released the”China Dairy Industry Quality Report” and”China Dairy Product Quality and Safety Research Report” to the public every year based on database data to objectively convey the quality and safety status of the dairy industry and respond to social concerns and strengthen risks. Communication and boosting consumer confidence are of great significance. Developed synchronous detection technology for main risk factors in milk and milk products, developed detection standards for prohibited additives, and formulated technical specifications for safety control in the production process. Synchronous detection technology saves more than 80%of time and more than 60%of costs. It solves the problems of low efficiency and high cost of milk and dairy products testing in the laboratory. It has become a national fresh milk quality and safety monitoring plan and a major national dairy product risk assessment project The method of specifying. Formulated the first international identification standard for reconstituted milk, developed a quality evaluation method for milk and dairy products, integrated quality improvement technology, and developed high-quality pasteurized milk with the lactoferrin and β-lactoglobulin content of imported pasteurized milk. 8 times and 10 times that of sterilized milk, significantly enhance the core competitiveness of demonstration enterprises, and lead the domestic dairy industry to upgrade from safety to high quality. This achievement won the first prize of”2018-2019 Shennong China Agricultural Science and Technology Award”.

   has established key technologies for quality improvement and green and low-carbon processes for high-quality milk production. Successfully constructed the”Milk and Milk Product Quality Safety and Nutritional Quality Evaluation Database” and developed my country’s first raw milk grading technology, which solves the problem of the mixed use of milk sources regardless of grade, resulting in a large amount of waste of high-quality milk sources, and major industries where high-quality milk is difficult to price. problem. Develop and create high-quality milk green and low-carbon processing technology, realize the integration of high-quality milk source and high-quality processing technology, lead the dairy industry to upgrade from a quantitative dairy industry to a high-quality green dairy industry, and significantly enhance the core competitiveness of domestic milk. The research and development and establishment of high-quality milk product quality evaluation technology reveals that the difference between domestic milk and imported milk lies in heat damage, and for the first time the scientific concept of “high-quality milk produced from local milk” has become a breakthrough in the structural reform of the supply side of the dairy industry. The green low-carbon processing reduces the processing temperature of pasteurized milk from 95°C to 75°C, increases the content of active substances such as lactoferrin by more than 50%, reduces processing costs by more than 15%, and significantly reduces the amount of water vapor cleaning agent; The standardized technology system for milk production has been demonstrated and applied in more than 50 dairy companies in 25 provinces across the country. This achievement won the”2018 Great Wall Food Safety Science and Technology Award Special Award”.

   has carried out the integration, promotion and application of dairy cattle raising technology. Established a”dairy cow raising technology system for improving quality and efficiency”, integrating high-quality whole-plant corn silage production technology that integrates processing and modulation, quality evaluation and efficient utilization, to relieve heat stress and improve perinatal dairy cow health as the core nutrition Regulating technology, the precision feeding technology of total mixed ration based on milk test formula, created the agricultural industry standard of”Technical Specification for Production of Complete Mixed Diet for Dairy Cows”, which promoted the quality and efficiency of dairy cattle breeding. The establishment of an”inverted pyramid” multi-support technology promotion model has played an important role in promoting the high-quality development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei dairy industry. This achievement won the”First Prize of the 2019 Beijing Agricultural Technology Promotion Award”.

   has innovated the quality evaluation index system of high-quality corn silage, scientifically guiding the optimal utilization of whole-plant corn silage. A standardized production technology of high-quality whole-plant corn silage covering whole-plant silage corn variety selection, corn maturity control during harvest, harvesting process control, compaction, cellar sealing technology and post-storage management has been established. Combining dairy cow parity, production performance, body condition and physiological stage and other factors, the research puts forward the high-efficiency combination mode of”corn silage + alfalfa hay” and the effective feeding amount of whole-plant corn silage, and the cost of kilogram milk feed is less than 1.95 yuan . With nutritional indicators as the core, a comprehensive evaluation index system including sensory scores, nutritional scores and fermentation scores was constructed, which was adopted and implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs”Food Reformation-High-quality Silage Action Plan”. Carried out the quality follow-up evaluation of high-quality corn silage, accumulatively evaluated the quality of more than 550 whole-plant corn silage samples from 25 large-scale dairy farms in Beijing, 55 dairy farms in Tianjin, and 86 dairy farms in Hebei Province. The quality status of whole-plant corn silage in the city and Jinji area.

   The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences will continue to leverage its development platform, technology, scientific research and talent advantages, seize the”14th Five-Year Plan” opportunity, mobilize and integrate national animal husbandry science and technology forces, and strengthen Coordinated research and development of cross-field”grand alliances” and”grand collaborations” will provide strong scientific and technological support for enhancing the international competitiveness of my country’s dairy industry and the high-quality development of animal husbandry.