[Thirteenth Five-Year Tour] Science and Technology Support of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Series 6:Rape
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   Rape is my country’s most important bulk oil crop. During the”13th Five-Year Plan” period, the average annual planting area is about 99 million mu, and the average annual output is about 13 million tons. The output of rapeseed oil accounts for half of the domestic edible vegetable oil. It is very important to ensure the safety of national edible oil supply.

   During the”13th Five-Year Plan” period, the Oil Crop Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences insists on advancing the theory, technology, and product chain innovation, and increasing the number of new varieties, new technologies and new The promotion and demonstration application of the industry has successively selected and bred a series of new rapeseed varieties with high oil, high yield, high quality and multi-resistance, and developed a full-process mechanized high-yield and high-efficiency technology model for rapeseed, a multi-functional development and utilization technology model for the entire industry chain, 7D rapeseed oil The green and high-efficiency processing and utilization technology model of the production area has greatly improved the benefits of the rape industry, stabilized and expanded the planting area of ​​rapeseed in the winter fallow fields in the main production areas of the Yangtze River Basin, and effectively led and supported the rape industry to function, benefit, ecological, and integrate three industries. High-quality development leapfrog.

   During the”13th Five-Year Plan” period, the Oilseed Research Institute strives to promote the creation of rapeseed germplasm resources, building the world’s most preserved rapeseed germplasm bank with the largest amount of information . The world’s leading Brassica napus genome sequencing and analysis have identified parental resources and functional genes that regulate oil content and yield. The new rapeseed line Q924 has an oil content of 65.2%, creating the highest oil content of rapeseed in the world. , So that my country’s rapeseed high-oil breeding has leapt into the international leader. It has successively bred a series of new rape varieties suitable for mechanized production that integrate super high oil, high yield, high quality and disease resistance. Among them,”Zhongyouza 19″ is my country’s first nationally approved winter rape variety with an oil content of 50%, and it has high lodging resistance, anti-splitting angle, anti-bacterial disease, rape stalk high vitamin C, rapeseed oil fatty acid composition Reasonable and outstanding advantages, the average unit oil production is more than doubled compared to the control. In Wangjiang, Anhui and other places, with”Zhongyouza 19″ as the core, the green and high-efficiency technology model of high-yield, high oil, high resistance, high quality, high dimensional C and high benefit”six highs” was established. The theoretical yield of rapeseed reached 289.9 kg per mu , The yield is 18.4%higher than the local main product; the actual oil production per 100 kg is 43.5 kg, which is 20.8%higher than the local main product; the average comprehensive benefit per mu is 3,600 yuan. According to statistics, the demonstration and promotion of”Zhongyouza 19″ in the Yangtze River Basin has accumulated more than 20 million mu, which has strongly promoted the high-quality development of my country’s rape industry and was selected as one of the”Top Ten Scientific and Technological Progresses of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences 2017-2020″.

   During the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, the Oil Plant insisted on coordinating the coordinated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and solved a number of major key technical problems affecting industrial development. The developed high-quality rapeseed oil producing area 7D green and efficient processing complete set of technical equipment and automatic control system, breaking through the selection of rapeseed, cell wall breaking to improve quality and fragrance, low temperature and low residual oil pressing, low temperature green refining, automatic control, quality management Other key technologies and equipment effectively retain the nutritional and beneficial components of rapeseed oil, and realize the safe, nutritious, low-consumption, high-efficiency and high-value processing of rapeseed. This achievement has been widely demonstrated and applied in major rape producing provinces and cities, and was selected as one of the “Top Ten New Technologies in China’s Agriculture and Rural Areas in 2017”, providing a strong technical guarantee for increasing the supply of high-quality, nutritious and healthy edible vegetable oil. Through integrated soil moisture management, rapeseed varieties suitable for mechanized harvesting, density regulation, slow and controlled release full nutrition, one-time fertilization, combined mechanical seeding, closed weeding before budding,”one promotion and four preventions”, mechanical harvesting, straw (sclerotium) rot Solution and other 9 core technologies, created high-yield and high-efficiency technology for rapeseed full-process mechanization, and carried out integrated demonstrations in the main production areas of Hubei, Hunan, Anhui, Jiangxi, Shaanxi and other provinces and cities, providing replicable, high-efficiency development of the national rape industry Scalable technology model. The technology has been promoted nationwide in a cumulative area of ​​more than 100 million mu, saving rape production costs and increasing efficiency by more than 30 billion yuan. The comprehensive mechanization level of rape farming and harvesting nationwide has increased from less than 20%in 2007 to more than 53%, and rape mechanization performance indicators have reached international advanced levels. Level. In 2020, the high-yield, high-yield and high-efficiency technology of rapeseed full-process mechanization was selected as one of the ten landmark achievements of agricultural science and technology in the 13th Five-Year Plan.

   During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, focus on the development of the three main categories of functional rapeseed oil, functional rapeseed oil, and rape flower farming and tourism integration. New varieties of functional rapeseed, rape-oil dual-use technology, 7D production area processing and other key technologies, the whole value chain taps the output value of rapeseed”oil”,”vegetable”,”flower”,”honey” and other value modules, in Wuyuan in Jiangxi, Songzi in Hubei, Ankang in Shaanxi, etc. The new model of the rape industry and the demonstration of the integration of new business forms have been carried out locally, and the integration of the three industries of rape and the substantial increase in industrial benefits have been achieved, providing comprehensive technical solutions for the high-quality development of the rape industry. At the same time, the scientific and technological achievements of rapeseed such as”Selenium Ziyuan” series of rapeseed for rape stalk,”Meinong” series of colorful sightseeing rapeseed, autumn rapeseed flower sea landscape, winter green manure rapeseed, etc., have added new growth points to the high-quality development of rape industry And growth pole.

   Entering the”14th Five-Year Plan”, the Oil Plant will adhere to facing the frontiers of world science and technology, facing the main economic battlefield, facing major national needs, facing people’s lives and health, and focusing on market and industrial technology issues As a guide, break through a number of basic and cutting-edge scientific issues in the fields of rapeseed genetic breeding, processing and utilization, quality and safety, overcome a number of core key technologies, products and equipment for industrial development, and promote key scientific and technological tasks and the construction of high-level innovation platforms. Realize chain innovation from theory to technology, technology to product, product to industry, and provide scientific and technological support for ensuring the safety of China’s edible oil supply, promoting the implementation of the”Healthy China” strategy, and deepening the supply-side structural reform of the rape industry.