“Thirteenth Five-Year” Fishery Highlights Serial | Focus on the safety of fishery production and protect the lives and property of fishermen
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   Since 2016, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and local fisheries departments at all levels have conscientiously implemented the Party Central Committee and the State Council’s decision and deployment on safe production work, firmly established the concept of safe development, and focused on the high-risk characteristics of fishery, and strengthened the prevention and resolution mechanism for improving accidents. Emergency management capacity building, timely response to major dangerous accidents, and solid fishery production safety and aftermath disposal. At present, my country’s fishery safety production situation is generally stable. The number of accidents and the number of dead and missing is at a historically low level. It has been controlled at 200 cases and less than 200 people for four consecutive years, laying a solid foundation for the promotion of high-quality fishery development and a modern fishing power.
  Grasp the deployment, fishery safety production work is implemented
   During the”13th Five-Year Plan” period, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs organizes a national fishery safety production video conference every year to make overall arrangements for fishery safety production throughout the year. At the same time, pay special attention to key periods and important time nodes such as epidemic prevention and control, summer fishing closures in the ocean, fire prevention and flood prevention, and major political activities, and carry out detailed and rigorous thematic deployments. Local fishery departments at all levels also detailed actual work plans in accordance with requirements to promote the implementation of various measures for fishery safety management. In May of this year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued the”Three-Year Action Plan for the Special Remediation of Fishery Production Safety” to break down and refine the three-year national special remediation of production safety, clarify 13 main tasks and more than 50 specific tasks, and make relevant Work is included in the work safety assessment and the performance assessment of party and government leading cadres, and there is a clear “timetable” and a detailed “road map” for the promotion of fishery production safety.
  The foundation is solidified, and the safety management of fishing boats and fishing ports will rise to the next level
  According to the “port management, ship management, human management safety”, strictly implement special law enforcement inspections for fishing boat safety, fishing port fire protection, and focus on special management such as fishery radio, fishing boat crew, and commercial fishing boat collision prevention, especially every year. The national fishery safety production self-inspection, cross-inspection and centralized rectification have set up more than 100 inspection indicators to effectively eliminate hidden dangers in the source of fishing boats and fishing ports. Strengthen fishery crew and radio management, continue to carry out fishery safety warning education and skills training, and in-depth promotion of safety skills competition,”safe production month” and other activities to improve the quality of fishery crew. Promote the management reform of”plug-in AIS”, further regulate the use and management of fishing boat radio equipment and its radio identification code, carry out the research and development of”plug-in AIS” equipment and the preparation of technical standards, and successfully conduct pilot demonstrations in Fujian. Regularly carry out national”safe fishery” creation activities, organize the creation of a group of”national safe fishery demonstration counties” and”national civilized fishing ports”, effectively building a long-term mechanism for fishery safety production.
  Strong disposal, fishery emergency management level is significantly improved
   Persevere in a fishery 24-hour emergency watch, upgrade the fishery safety accident direct reporting system, set up a national unified emergency call, and regularly carry out national fishery water emergency emergency drills and national emergency management personnel training. Improve the safety production interview and supervision and inspection mechanism, carry out interviews and notifications and joint supervision and inspection of major safety production accidents, and urge the territories to deeply sum up experience and lessons, and implement safety supervision responsibilities. Strengthen inter-departmental linkage and cooperation, focus on reducing the risk of marine commercial fishing vessel collisions, and promote the establishment of a meteorological disaster warning and forecast information sharing mechanism. Organize the establishment of a national fishery safety accident investigation expert committee, carry out accident investigation and supervision, and work together to maintain the bottom line of fishery safety.
   emphasizes protection, and the fishery risk protection system continues to improve
   During the”13th Five-Year Plan” period, the fishery mutual insurance business has been continuously improved and has become an important starting point for my country’s fishery safety management and disaster prevention and mitigation work. It has played an important role in the economic and social”stabilizer” and”safety valve” of the fishing area. Important role. Since 2016, it has insured a total of 3.551 million fishermen (times) and 292,100 fishing boats (times), providing fishermen with a risk protection fund of 2.04 trillion yuan, totaling more than 4,000 dead (missing) fishermen and 35,400 injured Fishermen and 32,200 fishing boats paid nearly 4.135 billion yuan in economic compensation. At the same time, the reform of the mutual insurance system is progressing steadily, the implementation of liability insurance for fishery safety production has accelerated, the subsidy project for fishery and shipwreck rescue continues to be carried out, and the initiative and enthusiasm of fishing boats in self-rescue and mutual rescue continues to increase.
   During the”14th Five-Year Plan” period, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will continue to follow General Secretary Xi Jinping’s overall national security concept as the guide, follow the overall requirements of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party to handle the two major issues of development and security and focus on new development Stages, new development concepts, new development patterns, actively reform, improve systems, and improve mechanisms, strengthen the construction of”three lines and one system”, promote the implementation of accident prevention, emergency management and after-treatment policies and measures, effectively curb the occurrence of major accidents, and ensure fishery The safety production situation continues to improve. The first is to consolidate the foundation at the grassroots level and build a firm last line of defense. Deepen the prevention and resolution of major risks and the investigation and management of major hidden dangers, and regularly carry out large-scale investigations, rectifications, and upgrades of hidden dangers in fishing boats and fishing ports. In-depth study of typical accidents and lessons learned, notification and compilation of typical fishery safety production accidents. Continue to increase investment in fishery safety facilities and equipment, and improve the management system of “one ship, one yard, one equipment” for fishery radio. The second is to strengthen emergency response and open up the rescue lifeline. Promote the implementation of manned and combined boats, marshalling and formation, and grid management systems to enhance the ability of fishing boats to rescue each other. Improve the fishery safety emergency response mechanism, promote the construction of fishery safety emergency centers at all levels, promote the application of a unified national fishery emergency call and fishery safety accident direct reporting system, and promote the fishery safety accident”investigator” system. The third is to deepen the insurance reform and keep the aftermath protection line. Standardize the implementation of fishery and shipwreck rescue subsidies, solidly advance the reform of the fishery mutual insurance system, promote the implementation of fishery safety production liability insurance, and give full play to the institutional advantages and important role of insurance in promoting the development of the fishery industry, safety management, and disaster prevention and mitigation. The fourth is to improve the management system and build a fishery safety governance system. Earnestly implement the comprehensive reform of the fishing port, and do a solid job in the formulation and revision of the relevant system of”Management by Port, Ship Management and Human Security”. Formulate safety production management regulations, introduce scoring methods for crew violations, revise accident investigation and handling rules and regulations, clarify management responsibility boundaries and lists of powers and responsibilities, regularly carry out”safe fishery” creation activities, and gradually establish a fishery safety governance system that meets my country’s national conditions.