The six departments of Hubei jointly launched the rectification of counterfeit and shoddy food in rural areas
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   In order to further promote the management of the problem of counterfeit and shoddy food in rural areas, and safeguard the health and legal rights of the people, recently, the Hubei Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Provincial Department of Public Security, The Provincial Department of Commerce, the Provincial Intellectual Property Office, and the Provincial Supply and Marketing Cooperative jointly issued the”Implementation Plan for the Remediation of Counterfeit and Substandard Food in Rural Areas in Hubei Province (2020-2022)”, and decided to carry out the remediation of counterfeit and substandard food in rural areas across the province, focusing on remediation of rural areas Prominent problems such as counterfeit and inferior food in the market, ensure the quality and safety of food in rural markets, and continuously improve the sense of food safety, happiness and security of rural residents.

   This rectification action will focus on cracking down on foods with non-edible substances added to production and operations, foods that do not meet safety standards, and meat that has not been inspected or quarantined , Common foods that claim special functions,”three noes” foods,”counterfeit” foods, trademark infringing foods, low-quality foods, expired foods and other illegal activities

   Focusing on cracking down on illegal and criminal acts of producing and selling counterfeit and shoddy food in rural areas, investigating and prosecuting a batch of illegal cases, exposing a batch of typical cases, destroying a batch of illegal food, and severely punishing a batch of crimes Molecules, forming an effective atmosphere of deterrence.

   is aimed at convenient food, snack food, beverages, condiments, milk and dairy products, meat and meat products, local specialty foods and other foods that are consumed in large rural areas. As well as food wholesale markets, rural schools and campus surrounding areas, food production and processing workshops, small vendors, small restaurants and other key areas, the action will increase supervision and inspection and random inspections, and strengthen the verification and disposal of unqualified food and the investigation of hidden risks.

   At the same time, it will strengthen the monitoring of food circulation in rural markets, improve the rural food circulation mode, give play to the advantages of supply and marketing systems, and promote the introduction of high-quality and cheap food into the villages; The committee assisted the township government in carrying out rural food governance work, established and improved the construction of food safety coordinators, carried out pilot projects for the standardized construction of rural food business stores; carried out food safety knowledge publicity, continuously improved the level of food safety of rural consumers and prevented rights protection Awareness; improve the basic-level education and training mechanism, increase training and education, and urge food producers and operators to earnestly study and implement the”Food Safety Law” and related laws and regulations.

   The relevant person in charge of the Hubei Provincial Market Supervision Bureau stated that the rectification action will last from December 2020 to November 2022, and will promote counterfeit and shoddy food in rural areas. On the basis of the various measures and tasks of the rectification work, in accordance with the”1+3″ goal, that is, to promote 1 key action every year, 1 key content a year, and continue key advancement in 3 years to continuously improve the level of food quality and safety assurance in the rural market. Improve the rural distribution and supply system, and enhance the ability of rural food safety governance.