The Shantou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau launched the”Unified Inspection of Wet Powder”
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   In order to strengthen the supervision of high-risk food during the New Year’s Day and the Spring Festival, on January 4, 2021, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau organized a unified inspection of wet rice flour in the city to regulate the production, operation, transportation and storage of wet rice flour products and eliminate food Safety risks to prevent food poisoning incidents.
  In this operation, the city, district (county), and the market supervision department cooperated to form a joint force in all aspects of production, distribution, catering, and law enforcement. A unified investigation of wet powder was carried out throughout the city, with wet rice flour production enterprises , Farmer’s markets, food sellers, and catering service providers, focusing on inspections on wet rice noodle production and operation licenses, production and operation conditions and storage environment, purchase inspection, labeling (especially whether the production date is accurate to the hour), etc. . At the same time, publicity materials will be distributed to in-depth publicize food safety laws and regulations and food safety knowledge to improve public awareness and risk prevention capabilities. During the operation, the network platform of the provincial bureau was also connected to the live broadcast of the on-site inspection.
   In order to strengthen the propaganda effect, Shantou TV Station was invited to follow up and report. The Municipal Bureau formed 2 joint supervision groups to go to the inspection site to guide the district and county bureaus to carry out wet powder supervision and inspection actions, improve supervision efficiency, firmly hold the bottom line of food safety, and do their best Ensure the”safety on the tip of the tongue” of the people.