The Scientific and Technological Achievement Evaluation Meeting of the Project”Cultivation and Industrialization of New Breeds Based on Yunnan Local Pig Breeds” was held
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   News on this site January 5, 2021, the scientific and technological achievements evaluation of the project”New breed cultivation and industrialization based on Yunnan local pig breeds” will be held at the school’s Yifu Building C The multimedia conference room on the third floor of the district was held. The meeting was organized by the China Science and Technology Co-Creation (Beijing) Science and Technology Achievement Evaluation Center, and it was conducted by a combination of video conference and on-site meeting.

   Li Defa and Yin Yulong, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Huang Lusheng, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sheng Jun, the principal and other experts and professors attended the meeting. The heads of the School’s Science and Technology Office and the School of Animal Science and Technology And members of the project team attended the meeting. Project leader Ge Changrong, vice president of the project, reported on the project, and the project team members answered questions from experts.

  The expert team reviewed the technical data of the project and listened to the results report. After inquiries, answers and discussions, they believed that the technical information provided by the project team was complete, informative and in line with the technology Achievement evaluation requirements, and gave a high evaluation of the project results, unanimously agreed that the research results are advanced and reach the international leading level in the excavation and utilization of the excellent characteristics of local pig breeds.