The Pearl River Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences won the special prize and the first prize of”Lin Haoran Animal Science and Technology Award”
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   Recently, the Zoological Society of Guangdong Province announced the list of winning projects for the first”Lin Haoran Animal Science and Technology Award”. The Pearl River Fisheries Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences won a special prize and a first prize each.
  The”Key Technology and Application of Pearl River Fishery Resources Protection” completed by Researcher Li Xinhui won the Lin Haoran Animal Science and Technology Award Special Prize. The project carried out fishery resource survey and ecological restoration research on the main stream of the Pearl River and its main tributaries, established a quantitative survey and evaluation technology of fishery resources, solved the problem of quantitative survey of fishery resources in rivers, and built a fishery resource monitoring and forecasting network in the Pearl River Basin, and found fish 6 new species; pioneered the Pearl River larvae ecological information database, ascertained the status of fishery resources in the middle and lower reaches of the Pearl River, clarified the distribution pattern, evolution trend and supplementary mechanism, and revealed the mechanism of the relationship between river fish resources and feed organisms; integrated research and development of spawning A number of common technologies for fishery resource conservation, such as field assessment and restoration, river connectivity restoration, ecological regulation, and replenishment and release, provide scientific and technological support for the government’s macro management and decision-making.
  The”Research and Application of Key Freshwater Ornamental Fish Breeding Technology” completed by Associate Researcher Mou Xidong won the first prize of Lin Haoran Animal Science and Technology Award. In response to the lack of independent intellectual property rights in my country’s important ornamental fish market and backward reproduction technology, the project systematically solved the difficult problems of introducing domestication, artificial breeding, seedling cultivation, healthy breeding, water quality control and breeding mode and other industrial technology. The germplasm resource bank of ornamental fish in our country has been conquered, the breeding technology of 10 representative species of three major types of ornamental fish has been overcome, and the breeding technology of representative species has been established. It has successively established breeding and breeding demonstration bases in Guangdong, Hainan, Tianjin and other places to effectively expand the development space of the ornamental fish breeding industry.
   It is reported that the”Lin Haoran Animal Science and Technology Award” is funded by Academician Lin Haoran, and then accepts social and personal donations. It is shared by the eight southern provinces (Guangdong, Hunan, Jiangxi, Hubei, Gui, Qiong, Hong Kong and Macao). The awards established are mainly for the national and zoology and related disciplines that use animals as the research carrier, and are awarded to individuals and collectives who have made outstanding creative contributions in many fields such as animal basic scientific research, technological development and invention, and achievement transformation. The award is selected once every two years, with outstanding youth awards and project awards. This year is the first session. In the end, 1 special prize, 3 first prizes, 4 second prizes and 4 outstanding youth awards were selected.