The Pearl River Research Institute carried out the scientific and technological service work of”Cultivate Macrobrachium rosenbergii by planting madder grass”
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   On January 6, researcher Lai Zini and assistant researcher Liu Ganfu from the Fisheries Environmental Protection Research Office of the Pearl River Research Institute came to the Macrobrachium rosenbergii breeding base in Xijiao Village, Doumen District, Zhuhai, and carried out the”Cultivated Macrobrachium rosenbergii Model” Water environment monitoring of ponds, sample collection, and technical guidance for regulation and control, etc., carry out scientific and technological services on the front line of”agriculture, rural areas and farmers”.

  ”Cultivated Macrobrachium rosenbergii model” is the key to the commonality of aquatic product quality and safety and environmental coordination undertaken by the Fisheries Environmental Protection Research Office of Pearl River Fisheries Research Institute Technology Innovation Team” project. Macrobrachium rosenbergii is one of the main pond intensive culture species in Guangdong Province. Due to the high stocking density and large feeding amount in intensive culture ponds, extreme bad water phenomena such as increased nutrient load such as C, N, and P in the water body, gradual deterioration of water quality, and even cyanobacteria blooms occur during the breeding process. Therefore, in order to improve the quality and output of cultured organisms and ensure the safety of people’s diet, attention should be paid to the regulation of the water environment during the breeding process to avoid excessive nutrient load and the appearance of cyanobacteria blooms.