The Office of the Food Safety Commission of Fuyang City issued a notice on the purchase and use of imported cold chain food by catering units
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   In order to further consolidate the main responsibility of the city’s catering units for the prevention and control of the epidemic, implement relevant measures for”personal protection”, and earnestly carry out the normalized epidemic prevention and control work in our city . A few days ago, the Office of the Food Safety Commission of Fuyang City issued the”Notice to Catering Units Purchasing and Using Imported Cold Chain Food in the City”, widely publicizing the requirements for purchasing and using imported cold chain food among catering units, and effectively doing a good job in the epidemic of cold chain food in catering. Prevention and control and information reporting.

   The”Notice” strictly implements strict reporting management, nucleic acid testing, implementation of comprehensive disinfection, focusing on full traceability, personal protection, and prevention of food waste. Management requires the catering units of our city to follow the requirements of the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau’s”Notice on the Comprehensive Promotion and Application of the”Anhui Cold Chain Food Traceability Platform”” and the”Notice on Strengthening the Supervision of Imported Cold Chain Food by Food Production Enterprises and Catering Service Units” Implement the”four certificates and one code” for imported cold chain food, the”three specialties” for imported cold chain (or domestic medium and high risk areas), and the traceability requirements for food consumers of edible imported cold chain (or domestic medium and high risk areas). The information is entered into the cold chain food traceability platform of Anhui Province, so that the source can be checked and whereabouts can be traced.

   Next, the Fuyang City Market Supervision Bureau will irregularly supervise and supervise the implementation of normal prevention and control measures for catering units in the city, and resolutely plug the loopholes in “physical prevention” , If the source of cold chain food is unknown, and normalized prevention and control measures are not implemented as required, the relevant laws and regulations shall be resolutely investigated and punished, and the relevant personnel shall be seriously investigated for criminal responsibility.