The most stringent”plastic ban” is implemented! Let”Pin Word Mark” help you choose a straw
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   On September 11, 2020, Zhejiang Province issued the”Implementation Measures on Further Strengthening the Control of Plastic Pollution”, stipulating that by the end of 2020, the catering industry in the whole province banned use Non-degradable disposable plastic straws. Non-degradable disposable plastic tableware is prohibited for catering services in built-up areas and scenic spots above the county seat.

   2021“plastic ban” is officially implemented, straws in major milk tea drink shops Set off a round of reforms. Many people are applauding this move, and many people also”spit out” on the Internet:”If you can’t pierce the parafilm, it will bend after a few pokes”; It will be soft in ten minutes without soaking, and the small materials will not be absorbed”;”There is a smell of pulp or glue, which affects the taste.”

   At present, there are mainly two types of biodegradable straws commonly promoted in the market, one is paper straws, and the other is polylactic acid biodegradable straws.

  Actually, as early as 2018, the”brand word mark” company Yiwu Shuangtong Commodity Co., Ltd. began to invest half of its production capacity into the production of biodegradable straws. From 18 to 19, two”Made in Zhejiang” standards were mainly formulated, namely”Disposable Paper Drinking Straws” and”Polylactic Acid Degradable Cold Drinking Straws”.
The most stringent”plastic ban” is implemented! Let”Pin Word Mark” help you choose a strawimage

   solves the above problems perfectly!

   Let’s take a look!

  “Disposable Paper Drinking Straw” strong>

   At present, the national standard for food contact paper is required by”National Food Safety Standard, Food Contact Paper and Cardboard Materials and Products”, but there are no products related to paper straws Standards, a small number of companies produce according to their own corporate standards, and many companies produce without standards. The product quality is uneven. The release of the”Disposable Paper Drinking Straws””Made in Zhejiang” standard is a unified product quality standard and standardizes production. Management, promote the quality improvement and industrial progress of disposable paper drinking straws, drive industrial upgrading, and provide a favorable guarantee for the innovation and development of the paper straw industry.

   referred to relevant technical data and practical experience in the paper straw industry during the standard formulation process, and used GB/T 24693-2009″Polypropylene Drinking Straws” for reference The relevant indicators of the national standard and the international standard of ISO 188188-2016″Polypropylene Drinking Straws” have improved the requirements for length deviation, outer diameter deviation, and wall thickness uniformity, and focused on hygiene indicators and safety, and paid attention to the standard Operability.

  In terms of several issues that consumers complain about, key indicators have been formulated in terms of the degree of impact on product quality and the level of consumer acceptance.

  1.Immersion resistance performance

The immersion resistance performance index of    paper straws is a relatively important index. For example, the delamination and softening of paper ports caused by consumers during use usually cannot It is used, so customers pay more attention to it. The standard requires that within 2 hours of immersion in simulated contact with water-based, acidic, and alcohol-containing foods at 40°C, the paper port should not appear to open or soften.

  2. The tip angle of the pointed straw (α)

The main function of the tip angle of the    pointed straw is to pierce the straw socket of the beverage packaging bag (box), which is convenient for consumers to use. If the tip angle of the pointed straw is too large or too small, the corresponding force on the tip will change and its function will be affected. The tip angle (α) of the pointed straw in this standard adopts the national standard GB/T24693 for drinking straws of polypropylene, which requires 45°≤α≤65°.

  3.Vertical load pressure< /div>

  The vertical cutting index is a functional item of the product. The thicker the wall thickness of the paper straw, the greater its stiffness and strength. Consumers are using it When the texture and experience are better, if the thickness of the tube wall is too thin, the texture and physical examination will be poor, and it will also affect the use of the product. The “Made in Zhejiang” standard adds vertical cutting pressure, and the vertical cutting pressure of a single straw is ≥30N.

   uses food-grade straw base paper as raw materials, and uses virgin wood pulp as wood pulp, which does not contain any foreign secondary fiber materials and waste paper deinked pulp. It not only meets the requirements of the GB 4806.8 standard, but also meets the limit requirements of the German BFR for chloropropanol substances, which guarantees the advancement of product quality and standards from the source. The virgin wood pulp paper used in the environmental protection of raw materials should meet the certification of the International Forest Management Committee (FSC), and wood products without a legal source certificate should not be used to promote the sustainable development of the forest.

  ”Polylactic acid biodegradable cold drink straw”

  Polylactic acid is also called polylactide, which belongs to the polyester family. Polylactic acid is a polymer obtained by polymerization of lactic acid as the main raw material. The raw material source is sufficient and renewable. It mainly uses corn and cassava as raw materials. The application of polylactic acid products has increased the environmental awareness of more people, and has transformed the disposable plastic products industry from passive restrictions to active innovation.

  ”Polylactic acid biodegradable cold drink straws””Made in Zhejiang” standard in the formulation process refers to the relevant technical data and practical experience of domestic key enterprises, and draws on the”poly Lactic acid cold drink straws” relevant indicators of the national light industry standard; focus on the product’s sanitary indicators and safety, in terms of physical and chemical and sanitary indicators, it is in line with the current national standards GB 4806.7 and GB 6675.4, and the operability of the standards is emphasized .

   uses polylactic acid biodegradable material as the raw material, which has good biodegradability and can be completely degraded by microorganisms in nature after use, and finally generates carbon dioxide and water , Do not pollute the environment is recognized as environmentally friendly materials. In terms of product hygiene and safety performance, the raw materials of polylactic acid resin are stipulated, and foreign recycled raw materials are not allowed to be used, which guarantees the quality and advancement of the products from the source. The product wall thickness requirements have been increased, and the requirements for length deviation, outer diameter deviation, and quality deviation have been improved, which are overall higher than the requirements in the QB/T 4633-2014 standard.

  Source | Provincial Brand Building Federation, Provincial Institute of Standardization