The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and the printing plant sign a memorandum of cooperation on dairy product labeling
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Food Partner Network News Russian Dairy News, January 11 news:The Russian Federation Ministry of Industry and Trade and the operator CRPT signed a memorandum of cooperation within the framework of certain dairy product labels, stipulating the supply of printing of dairy product packaging materials The factory can join to ensure that the printing factory will deliver the label with the identification tool to the pre-product manufacturer in a short time.

The memorandum stated that the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation has the right to inform dairy producers of the necessity of using identification methods on packaging within the scope of its duties, and requires relevant printing houses to join the memorandum. The department is also responsible for coordinating the supply time of the printing plant and formulating recommendations on relevant national support measures.
In addition, the operator CRPT has the right to receive information about packaging and production orders with marking tools from the printing plant and inform the dairy product manufacturer. The operator is also responsible for coordinating the development and implementation of standard technical solutions for dairy product packaging or label identification methods.

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