The Market Supervision Bureau of Xichong County, Sichuan Province uncovered an illegal operation of imported cold chain food
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Recently, the Jinxin Market Supervision Office of the Xichong County Market Supervision Bureau carried out the”Spring Thunder 2021″ and cold chain food epidemic prevention and control law enforcement action, and found that a hot pot restaurant in the jurisdiction had stored a total of 7.5 kg of frozen beef products imported from Brazil. The supplier qualification, purchase receipt, customs quarantine certificate, customs clearance certificate, disinfection certificate, nucleic acid test report and other related materials of the product cannot be provided. The law enforcement officers of the bureau seized the above-mentioned frozen foods in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, they contacted relevant departments and testing agencies to conduct nucleic acid tests on the items involved. At present, the hot pot restaurant is suspected of violating the”Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” The case has been investigated!